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HLP Night Sky offers a tasteful, realistic, and lore-friendly replacement of the night sky textures (stars, constellations, and the milky way. Now also available for Skyrim SSE!

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Hello all!

This is a duplicate of my 2011 mod "HLP Night Sky" for original skyrim. I personally don't have Skyrim SSE (more's the pity), but I've been assured that the mod works just the same, replacing the same files, so I feel pretty safe just replicating it here, but if there are any problems I will try to help with it.

Available are the same files as on the regular Skyrim version: Low, medium, and high resolution files, as well as a shimmer fix file in case you experience excessive twinkling of the stars. This can depend heavily on the anti-aliasing method you use, so experiment with different files and find the one that suits you best - I've come to understand that the appearance of the night sky can be heavily subjective, and often also depend on things like monitor calibration.

For most users, we recommend using the MEDIUM version, and if you get too much shimmering on the stars, then also install the SHIMMER FIX file.

HIGH resolution version is mainly for people running Skyrim on very high resolution displays or possibly multi-monitor setups.

LOW resolution version is included for legacy reasons and should only really be used if you are playing on a rather old computer.

I hope everyone who liked the original HLP Night Sky will get a lot of use out of this!

Details for the different files below.


-starfield (2048x2048)

-constellations (1024x1024)

-galaxy (2048x1024)


-starfield (2048x2048)

-constellations (1024x1024)

-galaxy (4096x2048)


-starfield (2048x2048)

-constellations (1024x1024)

-galaxy (8192x4096)


-starfield (1024x1024)

Original description from Skyrim mod:


HLP Night Sky v2.0

Release Thread:

If you are using FXAA, an FXAA Injector, or some form of Supersampling (such as SSGSAA forced on an nVidia card) download the mod and install it normally.

If you are not running with those options and find the star shimmering or twinkling distracting or not to your taste, install the mod normally, then download the optional Shimmer Fix file and install it on top of the normal installation, replacing files when asked. 

1.0 - Initial release
1.01 - Mipmapping shimmer test
1.02 - Size reduction shimmer test

2.0 - Fixed streaks caused by galaxy texture mapping
- Changed alpha channel management for starfield
- Changed alpha channel management for constellations
- Reduced constellation texture size to 1024x1024 for increased visibility
- Added optional texture to reduce shimmering for users not using FXAA

The purpose of this mod is to increase the visual quality of night sky starfields. Original resolution for the starfield and constellation textures is 512 x 512, and the original galaxy texture is only 512 x 256 texture. 

Medium (recommended) includes a 2048 x 2048 sky, 2048 x 2048 constellation textures, and 4096 x 2048 galactic plane texture.
Low replaces the galactic plane with a 2048 x 1024 version.
High replaces the galactic plane with a 8192 x 4096 version.

We recommend the Medium version for most users.
Low version is recommended for people with low amount of graphics memory
High version is recommended for people who are running Skyrim at very high resolution, such as with an Eyefinity multi-monitor setup.


Constellation starfields have been re-built at higher resolution based on the constellation maps from retail Skyrim.

Starfield texture is entirely new, procedurally built starfield calibrated to blend well with the constellation textures.

Galactic plane texture is based on Gigagalaxy Zoom / Astronomy Picture of the Day 2009 September 26th. Local stars as seen from Earth have been removed from it, along with certain other conspicuous bright objects, and the original texture was used as a mask and colour layer for an RGB noise layer, to construct a generic galactic plane texture that shares certain characteristics with Milky Way as seen from Earth, but then most spiral galaxies share those characteristics, and it seems Nirn is located in one such galaxy.