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In ghost of tribunal (Any of the outcomes) you are able to loot unique weapons or armour off all the people inside ashfall... except Therethi. He is a spellbinder, meaning his normal blade is one you are able to loot. So.. I decided to just give him an enchanted Ebony Scimitar with a unique name.

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A protentional follower/enemy by the name of Therethi, lays in Ashfall caverns if you own the Creation Club content known as "Ghost of Tribunal" Out of all the NPCs in the entire CC, he gets none of the new items, wearing vanilla/Dragonborn items and using spells.

´╗┐Due to this, I gave him a uniquely named weapon with a shock enchantment and increased damage. dealing 35 damage before perks come into play and with an attack speed of 3.01. While it is a little powerful, it isn't meant for the player. Plus as the NPC isn't essential or protected he has a high chance of dying, so he really needs all the help he can get.