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Open fake windows, opens access to the terrace, fix bad placement of the bar and the roof, Fix some UV's. NO Esp

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When I went to the docks of Solitude and entered this building, I wondered why Bethesda placed fake windows when this mesh is "Open". So I wanted to fix that.
Then I saw some objects placed on the "terrace" and I thought how a player or an NPC could climb on it. So I logically opened the access to it.

- Add access to the "terrace"
- Open fakes "Windows"
- Fix floating bar and bad placement
- Fix floating roof
- Fix some UV's
- Fix the holes on each side of the central beam
- Fix the offsets from the top of the rear left wall
- Fix rear right corner offset
- Fix UV map of the rear right wood beam
- Fix the foating building (Already fixed in SMIM, but if you don't use it you can have this correction with this FYX - (A) )
- Rework, as you can imagine, the collition. This fixes the bug that blocked the player a bit on the last wooden step of the Vanilla staircase.

Enjoy !

File (A) or (B) ?

(A) Only if you don't use SMIM

(B) Only if you use SMIM - Mandatory File => Static Mesh Improvement Mod - SMIM


- Patch for eFPS - Exterior FPS boost in the optional files here

- You can find a patch for The Great City of Solitude and  Interesting NPCs - 3DNPC make by Blackread here =>   FYX - EEC Building - Navmesh - 3DNPC - TGCoS

When you see the screenshots you will probably ask me why I didn't place the entrance of the terrace in the center. Simply as I didn't want ESP it's the only place that was compatible with a lot of mods that modify the docks of Solitude. And the distance gave me enough space to place the stairs. ;)

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