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This little mod makes picking locks harder. A LOT harder.

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  • German
--- Overview ---

This mod makes lockpicking in the game an actual challenge. In vanilla you could be level 0 in lockpicking and still manage to bust open a master level lock with a single pick with little effort. Novice locks might as well have been unlocked already, they're so easy.

Not anymore.

All levels of locks have been made a lot harder, I mean a LOT harder. Like, you're actually going to be wanting to invest perks in the lockpicking tree for once, no fooling. It's not impossible without them, but still. The beneficial modifiers from the perks were increased, for good reason.

In addition, experience gained from breaking picks has been removed (why reward failure?) and experience gained from the easier locks has been significantly lowered. To compensate, expert locks give slightly more experience and master locks give quite a bit more experience, befitting their extreme difficulty.

Time to prove your worth, thieves.

--- Patch Notes ---

Made the partial picking area scale more with your Lockpicking level to make finding the initial place to start picking less extreme at higher levels.

Initial release.