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Makes enchanting clothing a little more useful than straight armor.

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NOTE Remove Robes before installing this mod.

Tired of the ineffectual 10% Magicka Regen When you try to enchant a new robe? Then this is the mod for you. It removes that 10% Magicka Regen and replace it with a flat 15% Power increase in that school:

Restoration: Increases HP restored by 15%
Destruction: Damage increase by 15%
Alteration: Duration increased by 15%
Illusion: Spells effect 15% higher levels.
Conjuration: Summons are 15% more effective.

This replaces the existing robe enchantments and will only apply to the same equipment that the existing enchantments do. This enchantment has had Armor removed from it's list. On top of that I have shuffled around other enchantments lists to allow for more versatility than when applying them to armor.

This mod also modifies both sets of Arch Mage's Robes to keep them in line as the "all schools" robe. I have also included the 6th school in their enchantment as well.

attempt to find a way to increase the enchantments on clothing only. This is a feature sorely missed from earlier game. Done
Attempt to find a way to increase the AC given by the "flesh" spells instead of duration.
Attempt to find a way to increase the radiance of "light" spells instead of duration.
Attempt to increase the potency of summon spells instead of duration, if that is not already done, needs testing.

Known bug: If you enchant piece of gear with a power enchant, it will break spells. working on it. (update:) I have found the issue and will be uploading a new and better version in a few days. This should be fixed in the new version, but more testing is needed.

NOTE Remove Robes before installing this mod.