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Kill Miraak's dragon priests to break his influence and weaken him... or kill his challenger to strengthen him.

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Immediately want to thank Maleficus32 for the mod this is obviously heavily inspired by and to wSkeever for help making the mod script free.

Like the Dragon Priests in Skyrim, Solstheim has its own set of Dragon Priests, 3 of them being a part of Miraak's rebellion but 1 working against him to seal him. They slept for centuries until Miraak's return stirred them. Now they strengthen him from their tombs. Miraak comes heavily buffed meaning you have to explore and engage with the rest of the DLC before taking him on. However, if you want to challenge him from the very heights of his power, the key lies in defeating the one Priest who fought him to a standstill and sealed him away.

On installing the mod, Miraak will gain the following buffs:

  • +500 health
  • +500 magicka
  • +50% magic resistance
  • +25% fortify destruction
  • +25% fortify shouts

Killing the following priests removes the following buffs:

Dukaan: +500 health, +25% magic resistance
Zahkriisos: +500 magicka, +25% magic resistance
Ahzidal: +25% fortify destruction, +25% fortify shouts

Killing Vahlok adds the following buffs:

+25% magic resistance, +1000 health, +75% fortify destruction, +25% fortify one handed


Everything. No vanillla records are touched, any thing that touches Miraak will work beside this, etc.


- ESL flagged?

- Are there any rewards?
Not currently. I considered it but it would likely require scripts, hurt the compatibility and I would have to do more than needed to for this first version. I may revisit this later though.

- Will you add something to give information about the buffs in game?
There's already a stage in the main quest about destroying Miraak's influence so the player could figure it from there but I might add this in a later update.