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Replaces all of the women in Dawnstar with High Poly CBBE, 3BA, or BHUNP models.

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Abelone: A Nord of few words. 

Beitild: A woman of iron, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise! She runs a mine, but lately, everyone seems to be sleeping on the job. Will the Dragonborn be a dream come true or a never-ending nightmare for this lady?  

Bodil: A miner minor character, though not a minor miner. She works for Beitild and doesn't plan to leave, much to the relief of the guys.  

Brina Merlis: A Legionnaire with a white mane. Many under her service would love to see the crown of a Jarl on her. For now, she bickers with Skal. Her charisma can even charm the ladies of Dawnstar, such as Madena. Will she be your queen?

Edith: A regular at the local bar. While many consider Karita a great singer, Edith knows the truth. On some nights she reflects on her friendship with Beitild. Now, she works for the competing mine owned by Beitild's husband, Leigelf. Her reasoning is, "Quicksilver ore is rare. Worth digging."

Fruki: Between dreams, omens, gods, and mines, Fruki enjoys talking with her friend, Irgnir. She works for the mine competing with Beitild. She spends her mornings calming Irgnir from her nightmares, her days in the quicksilver mines, and her nights thinking about the nice thing Leigelf said earlier.

Irgnir: They say that love will find a way. Such is true for the friendship between Irgnir and Fruki. Irgnir works for Beitild and is a proud apologist for iron, at least when Fruki is around. Even so, despite being rivals, Irgnir loves that she can rely on Fruki. Unfortunately, she can't rely on the wits of men. When will Thoring, father of Karita, notice her doe-eyes?

Karita: Her dad, Thoring, owns the Windpeak Inn. It was once less popular, but since she started singing, it is a staple of the community. Even though she boasts that she is a fine bard, her patrons seem unusually enthusiastic when hearing about Ragnar the Red. Thoring often sighs and looks out the window, reminiscing over his late wife, and how she sounded like Karita. Fruki is looking at him, maybe his service was bad again. 

Madena: The people of Dawnstar have experienced many nightmares lately. Madena has known them for decades. Flashes of gnashing teeth and the miasma of burnt hair wake her throughout the night. Many moons ago, she was the scourge of elves. Since then, she has renounced war and has lived a life of neutrality. Now, she wishes to heal crops. Maybe, in turn, they'll heal her. 

Seren: Seren and her husband are the lovebirds of Dawnstar. Recently, the two discovered that she was with child! What to do in a land of snow and dragons, of ice and fire? She sometimes dreams of the soft sands of Hammerfell, where she was born. Long ago, when she helped run her father's forge, a new apprentice came in. Later, they traveled and married in Skyrim.

Caliente’sBeautiful Bodies Enhancer – CBBE-: Ousnius and Caliente
BHUNP (UUNPNext Generation) SSE: Bakafactory and Haeun

Head Model:
High Poly Head: KouLeifoh 

Hair Models:
KS HairdosSSE: Kalilies and Stealthic

Skin Textures:
BnP -Female Skin: Fridam, Swefrida, Khisartin, Vobla,HeroedeLeyenda, Pema123, Tetrodoxin, Lunyra, Gearhog, Maevan2, Nuska, Bakafactory and Haeun, COCO Daymarr, Nikoli grimm, Kartoffels, Fuse00, HHaleyy, ScrollTron1c, Novelyst, Ellise,Koralina, Xs2reality, S4rMs, Sumner, Rxkx22 and Shiva182, TheFriedturkey, Aninin Regenbot03, Ren and Vamjfd, Darrentstone , m4mk203 aka Trixter,Riddler, RenVR, Syrinxo, with the licence CC BY-NC, MonsterShinkai, with the
license CC BY.

KaliliesBrows: Kalilies 

Tullius' Eyes: Schsat
FemaleMakeup Suite: DomainWolf
Lamethia'sMarks of Beauty:  Lamenthia