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This mod adds more than 50 new locations for you to visit!

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About Unmarked Locations Series

This series of mods is designed to diversify the exploration of Skyrim by adding new unmarked locations with loot, unique interactions and encounters.

A new adventure awaits.


  • More than 50 new locations to visit.
  • Some unique interactions in the locations (For Example: Sealed Crypt near Markarth).
  • Some unique encounters in the locations (For Example: new boss fight in Hjaalmarch Swamps).
  • Some Easter eggs.
  • Compatibility with Lux Via, Northern Roads, Depths of Skyrim and Creation Club content!

Compatibility list (you can find more in sticky post)
Compatible with: 
  • Lanterns of Skyrim 2
  • Lanterns of Skyrim
  • More Bandit Camps
  • Frozen Lands (with patch)
  • LC_Build Your Noble House (with patch)
  • S606t Lore - Oblivion Gates
  • S606t Lore - Dark Anchors Ruins and Dolmens (with patch)
  • Druid's Dwelling - Cave of Green Home (with patch)
  • Ancient Lands
  • Balamath Ayleid Ruin Dungeon (with patch)
  • Interesting Roads
  • Millwater Retreat (with patch)
  • Lux Via (with patch)
  • Northern Roads
  • Ryn's Dragon Mounds Collection - AIO (with patch)
  • Depths of Skyrim
  • Ulvenwald Trees (with patch)
  • Skyrim Better Roads
  • Corners of Skyrim (with patch)
  • ELAF POI - Points of Interest
  • Snowhawk Expanded - City Ruins (with patch)
  • Hammet's Dungeon Pack
  • Fabled Forests (with patch)
  • Forgotten Dungeons
  • The Great Forest of Whiterun Hold (with patch)
  • Daedric Shrines - All In One
  • Nature of the Wild Lands (with patch)
  • Winterberry Chateau - Player Home (with patch)

Unmarked Locations Series