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This is a medium to large sized Dragon/Dragonborn themed Playerhome with awesome views of Skyrim!

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Set near the Sundered Towers and Rebel's Cairn, Kroniidro Zin (Conqueror's Honor in the Dragon Tongue) boasts fantastic views of the Reach and the distant capital city of Solitude.  This Great Hall is equal too, if not greater than, any Jarl's mead hall, and serves as a base of operations and a showcase for the adventuring Dovakin's treasures and accomplishments.  The house is built amidst old Nordic Ruins and is constructed over the Cavern of the Dragonborn, a nordic cavern with displays for Daedric Items and an Avenue of Thanes, featuring mannequins that can be used to highlight the armors and badges of office for each of the holds.  There are many themed player houses on the Nexus; this one is Dragon and Dragonborn themed with a Nordic flavor.

The original Oldrim Version can be found here:

Requires all 3 DLCs - Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn.


*Copious amounts of safe storage, mannequins and trophy bases (main hall).

*Numerous bookcases and Displays for Black Books*, Dragon Claws, Paragons, Amulets.

*Secret door leading to a hidden Thief Area and to the "Cavern of the Dragonborn" with its Avenue of
the Thanes, Daedric Artifact Displays and Elder Scroll Displays.
*A throne to sit and contemplate your own greatness.

Skyrim SE Version Changes:  

*Added Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions support (4 children's beds & 2 follower's beds, but house should still hold 6 children). 

*Rebuilt the inside as a single cell rather than use load doors.  Oldrim crashed when I did this in the original mod so I had no choice but to compensate  with the workaround.  64bit SE handles it no problem though it may load slowly once full.  

*Took out the Riverwood Hideout and replaced it with a Safe Storage chest in the camp at the entrance of Riverwood.

*Tweaks and changes to the displays including addition of a dagger display.  Same basic layout but improved.  Rebuilt the mannequins from scratch.  Adjusted the layout inside slightly to give a better overall feel - the cavern and thief area are  accessed via a secret door rather than through a stairway  off the main house as in the Oldrim version.

*An armory storage/display for armors and weapons attached to the cavern in case you have more armors and weapons than you can  reasonably store and  display in the house itself.

*I redid the lighting but since I am using an ENB please let me know if the lighting needs adjusting for non-ENB users.  I tried disabling my ENB and checking it out Vanilla and it looked fine to me.

The following mods were used for the screenshots:  
Realistic Aspen Trees SE by AceeQ
Rugnarok by Gamwich
Rudy ENB SE for Vivid Weathers by Rudy102
Apophysis Dragon Priest Masks by Carnage2K4
Konahriks Accoutrements - Dragon Priest Armory by Edhelsereg
JS Dragon Claws SE by johnskyrim

The Scripts for the Displays are courtesy MrDanSG1 and his Modder's Display Compendium 

Notes and Technical Information:

*When using the Black Book Display, wait to put Epistolary Acumen on it until after completing Dragonborn: The Gardner of Men quest.  If you don't do this, the book will duplicate in your inventory (i.e. one on the display, and then you will gain a duplicate in your inventory when talking to Storn and finishing this quest.  

*Just like in the Hearthfire homes, the trophy bases once built cannot be undone or changed out.  So make sure you think about how you want your trophies to look all together before you build them.  Once built the trophy is permanent.

*I found most of the weapons display normally on the weapon plaques but The Pale Blade Unique Uniques SE version did not display on the wall plaques.  I put mine in the display case and it displayed perfectly.  This is not an issue I can fix as it doesn't appear to be connected to the wall plaque but may be something with the sword itself.