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For no-hit playthroughs! Getting hit by any type melee, weapon, spell, or falling will instantly kill the player. Super lightweight, made for Elianora by request.

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Made for Elianora by request for No-Hit playthroughs.

Any time the player is hit they will be instantly killed.  Falling damage has been amplified 10,000x so any kind of fall damage will instantly kill as well.

ESP flagged as ESL.

It is recommended to install this AFTER you leave Helgen or you will continually die from the falling rocks sequence!

To stop the effect I recommend a new character with the mod disabled but you can also run the following console commands:

  • Type stopquest FSOneShotKillControlQuest
  • Find the ID for Falling Death perk by typing help falling
  • Type player.RemovePerk x (where X = the ID next to the perk, e.g. FE044D62)

Stay safe out there folks. Happy Holidays!