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Provides a handful of options to spruce up werebears visually for Moonlight Tales.

Permissions and credits
Quick message for folks about SPID: Yes using SPID to distribute these textures/meshes would be awesome, but it is out of the scope of these
mods and I am not interested nor able to do such. I had a lot of people
asking for this in all of my comment sections and it's getting a little frustrating.
Get permission from the original authors of these resources/use the open perm stuff, and you have my permission to use any
of my edited assets for your projects, including SPID distributing.

Update: After some testing, this mod seems to work fine with the new Moonlight Tales mini! If there are issues however, please let me know specifically what's not showing up and I'll look into it.

Hello all! Got another mod I worked on for most of the day yesterday and I'm pretty happy with the result!

Overall, werebears are pretty unloved by the modding community, which is sad! But I aim to help bring together some of the nice work of other modders (with their permission) to help improve werebears, namely the playable ones in Moonlight Tales.

This mod does not touch vanilla werebears or any other werebear that isn't from Moonlight Tales' skin system.

The FOMOD installer will provide you with various options based on taste, with two different eye types (using Moonlight Tales' werewolf eyes OR Tamaska's eyes), optional 4K realistic fur textures and an optional (also Tamaska) mesh replacer! You may choose to install any number of these, based on what you like!

I had to take some creative liberties with fur and eye color, but I tried to stay true to the general idea behind the options originally presented in Moonlight Tales. Though I will warn now that the 'bad panda' 4K fur texture is not the best (purely my fault). I do want to return to it someday and release a better one. But for now you're free to delete the two files with 'bad panda' in the name to keep the Moonlight Tales version.

And if you do like my version, then great! I deemed it not the worst and worth releasing for now after all. But I did just want to warn that it might not fit people's tastes for the panda skin.

Beyond that, I think everything else came out pretty well! The main goal was to provide options to make werebears more realistic and pleasing to the eye, while either being fierce or on the cuter side, depending on what choices you pick!

For those that don't know:
To become a werebear in Moonlight Tales, you have to disable the werewolf appearance system, then pick your skin from the werebear appearance system in the mod's menu. Whether it's through MCM or the Ancient Ring.

I think that's all for now, I hope y'all enjoy and that werebears become more loved!

nyphani for heir Tamaska Werebear mesh and eye textures.
KrittaKitty for Moonlight Tales' werewolf eyes.
khisartin AKA DDS Workshop for their werebear 4K textures and giving me permission to release this mod. Check out their stuff here.

Note: I am closing permissions on this mod but only for the 4K fur textures, as per khisartin's request. If you get permission from them to use their textures, then you also have my permission to use my edits.

If you wish to chat with me and/or see my other work, including early WIPs and the like, check out my discord server here! All are welcome. Coop's Nest