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This is a rework of a previous mod for Skyrim Le, you will hold the power of the five elements, you have the possibility of conjure 5 bows (fire,shock,ice,stone,wind), to find the books will not be easy cause you have to solve 5 riddles to get the tomes

Permissions and credits
Are you strong enough to hold the power of the five elements?

5 conjure spelltomes are lost around Skyrim, this tomes are special and will let you conjure 5 different bows with elemental power.

- Bow of Fire (with the power of fire) Classic fire
- Bow of Ice  (with the power of ice) Classic ice
- Bow of Shock ( with the power of lighting) Classic sparkle
- Bow of Stone ( with the power of stone) the enemy has a chance to get paralize from 3 to 5 seconds
- Bow of Wind  (with the power of Wind) the enemy will fly back getting little damage

To get them there's a little quest to solve around Skyrim that will lead the player to an immersive esploration, the quest is not scripted so you will not get any mark of the locations and any link to your quest journal, this to make things a little more challenging and will force player to use a map (as it should be to have an immersive adventure), you will get a note with a riddle to solve, riddles will look difficults but you have just to think cause answers are very easy to find.
The bows are totally lore friendly and not OP and they follow the rules of the vanilla game, so if you don't have the skills or the amount of magicka to conjure them you will be not able to use it till you level up.
The Bows are part of conjure tree, so use them will let you level in conjuration as the normal conjure weapons does, also their pwer will grow with your level, always following vanilla game rules.
Just think you don't have to mix anymore Distruction with Conjuration.

possible future update, more weapons to conjure

The "Quest" will start in your room of the College of Winterhold with a strange note and a riddle almost solved.

Good Luck!!


Manually or with manager (uninstall same way)

mod has been cleaned with ssedit!!

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Liny for the base of this mod and tnx for the permission to use it
Beth for the game
the skyrim pc modder italia community for the help and support