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I was tired of only seeing one vendor cart pattern, now we can have 5! Using Skyrimizer's beautiful new vendor cart model, I have created 5 textures from scratch that will be distributed with a 20% random chance using po3's Base Object Swapper.

Permissions and credits
Why are the vendor carts the exact same everywhere? Do people not use different fabrics? Is there a cart factory that has an endless supply of one fabric pattern just providing carts to all of Skyrim? Well, no more! Five new carts, textures made by me from scratch in Substance Painter and Photoshop (*excluding the beautiful fringe texture, that comes from Skyrimizer's original mod, the mesh is also from there). Thanks to Skyrimizer for leaving open permissions on Handcarts SE - Everything Changes. I highly recommend you install that cart mod to improve the meshes and look of all other carts as well.

The intended look of my textures is a fabric top with a waxy coated look, because I like to think people would use beeswax or something to seal the fabric to be waterproof. The cart itself has rusted metal, I don't think carts that sit in the rain and snow all year need to have perfectly shiny metal. The wood shows wear and tear, with scratches in spots that would commonly be bumped/scraped by loading and unloading, rocks hitting the wheels etc. I wanted them to look used.

All textures are 4k saved in BC7. My screenshots are not 4k, in game looks much better depending on your monitor resolution and overall setup.

1. Make sure you have Base Object Swapper and all of its requirements up to date. If it isn't working and you want to ask for help, please make sure you have double checked that everything is up to date before commenting (Base Object Swapper, Address Library for SKSE Plugins, powerofthree's Tweaks)
2. Install with your preferred mod manager, and that's it :)

This mod is compatible with everything (if not let me know, but I don't know of anything that would break this). The only mods not fully compatible would be other replacements for the vendorcartstatic01.nif, and even then, this mod will automatically win because of Base Object Swapper. Safe to install whenever. Includes a swap for the snowy vendor carts as well.

Some things to note:
- Carts may clip with trees/decor with certain city overhauls, this happens with vanilla carts too.
- Barrel replacers that are quite bulbous in the center may clip out the side of the cart, again this happens with vanilla carts too but thought I should make note of it in case it is mentioned. Using a barrel replacer that is the same shape as vanilla barrels solves this.


Big thanks to Skyrimizer for the mesh and fringe texture from Handcarts SE - Everything Changes, and of course for leaving permissions open. powerofthree for Base Object Swapper.

Read what the people of Skyrim are saying!

(*Disclaimer in case I somehow misled someone, this mod contains no dialogue lines these are just silly jokes because I had too much time over the weekend*)

If you actually read the whole description, thank you <3