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Port of Jaxonz Blink Teleport to SSE

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This is just a port of one of my favorite mods from Skyrim. I thought I'd share it.
Since Jaxonz is no longer modding Skyrim and has allowed editing and taking over of her files, I thought I'd upload the port I have made for my own use.
I will not support it. It is take it or leave it.
I have tested it in SE and it does work.  
Original mod with description Here
All credit goes to Jaxonz 

Version 2.1

This is an improved version of Jaxonz Blink Teleport originally made for Oldrim. She has given permission to anybody to take over her mods. I ported it to SSE months ago. Thanks to Dragonblood for the more streamline scripts. It should work better and more efficiently. It should work anywhere in your load order but I would put it at the bottom just to make sure.You can find the spell tome in the Archaneum in one of the rafters. It will give you both the hand cast and voice cats spells.

All credit to Jaxonz and Dragonblood
Any questions or problems, please contact me on Discord.