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This is a standalone mod that replaces the appearance of the bards across Skyrim.

Permissions and credits


SE 1.3: Added a CBBE nude & non-nude version w/ Mature Skin Textures.
SE 1.2: Carried forward more changes from the updated USSEP.
SE 1.1: Updated version that should fix crashing issue. Also added a file that does not require USSEP.
SE 1.0: Improved Bards released for Special Edition!


Improved Bards is a standalone replacer for bards around Skyrim. It also adds a new bard to Riften.

Bards changed include:

    Delacourt (Falkreath)
    Karita (Dawnstar)
    Lisette (Solitude)
    Lurbuk (Morthal)
    Mikael (Whiterun)
    Sven (Riverwood)
    Talsgar (Wandering)
    Llewellyn (Falkreath House) HF
    Luaffyn (Windhelm)
    Ogmund (Markarth)
    Oriella (Dawnstar House) HF
    Sonir (Morthal House) HF
    Lynly (Ivarstead)
    Lurbuk (Morthal)
    and the college bards.

****PLEASE NOTE: Neck seams are visible sometimes. I noticed them when an npc was in the shadows, otherwise they were barely noticeable. I'll look into making seams blend a little more/finding a complete texture set, but from my understanding ENBs can also play a role in visibility.


This has two versions! One requires USSEP and one does not. Both require Hearthfire!

Download and install USSEP (if needed).

Download this mod with your mod manager of choice and activate.

If manually installing, just download and place the files in your data folder.


This mod carries forward changes made by USSEP. Specifically with Lurbuk.

This mod will conflict with any mod that changes the same npc.

Place this mod below any mod where you want my changes and overwrite where necessary.


These are mods that are in the screenshots and ones I use in my game:

- Realistic Instruments - Flute Lute and Drum HQ by InwardScreams
- Beards by lthot


This mod was made with the following resources which were either free-to-use or permission was granted for use.

Race Menu by expired6978
SG Female Textures Renewal by hellosanta
The Eyes of Beauty by LogRaam
True Eyes and True Brows by jimtownirish
Ethereal Elven Overhaul by nuska
ApachiiSkyHair by apachii
Fine Face Textures by urshi
Vanilla Hair Variety Plus by Omega99jp
Freckle Mania by tetrodoxin
KS Hairdos by Kalilies Stealthic Khaos and Shocky
Fair Skin Complexion by HHaleyy
Maevan2's Eye Brows by Maevan2
Skysight Skins by fadingsignal
Smile in HD by zzjay
UNP Female Body Renewal by reize0, dimon99, Phygit, yllib
Mature Skin Texture by Maevan2
Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer by Maevan2

The screenshots were taken using Rudy ENB SE by rudy102.

Lastly, I mod for myself first and foremost. It's great if people like what I've done, but if you don't like the aesthetics there are always other mods out there.


Enjoy and feel free to add your own screenshots!