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kosmos84 and Elisa Moraes

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An outfit inspired by Skeletor from Master of the Universe and Ghost Rider.

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What is this ?

An outfit that was inspired by Skeletor from He-man with a twist of Ghost Rider.
The vanilla design is finished by the talented Elisa Moraes. I picked up the pieces awhile ago and we thought why not make something bizarre out of this ? So here we go . It is reconstructed , re-designed with new textures exclusively for Skyrim SE.

About the Outfit 

*Load this mod AFTER your body replacement. Do not let your body mod overwrite the files from this mod.

*The mod is ESL Flagged and optimized in BSAs. 

**This is a heavy armor.

**The body armor will replace character's body and hands. Mask will replace the head of your char.  Not compatible with the cats.

*An alternate version of the armor
without the finger bones attached is included .

** The Skull mask will glow in the dark . The glow color depends on your reshade , ENB and L.U.T settings. For non-ENB users , the default color is bright yellow.  

** Mask is meant to be wore together with the armor . If you are only wearing the mask , it will look like a floating skull since it has no body mesh.

**The armor set [both gender] has default weight sliders , just like most classic and vanilla armors from Skyrim . Meaning , this will revert your females and males to " typical " proportion if they are wearing it.

** Due to the nature of the outfit [as it is mostly covered up] it should be compatible with most body mods.

** Shoulders and Brooch are metals and have their own cubemaps .

Q&A :

1) How do I obtain the outfit ? 
Using the additemmenu mod . Look for [CS MOTU].

1) Can I release in another language ?

2) Can I refit this for another body shape ?
Yes by all means but please do not include the texture, link it back to this mod [as a requirement] tyvm.

3 ) Can I redesign / fix the outfits ?
You may alter the shapes , refit it or fixing it . Do try to keep it within the vision of the author. Again, remember to link it back to this page.

4)  Where can I report bugs ? 
Please report them to me or @ the posts section.

5) Performance cost ?
Default : Mild. A couple of textures are optimized in 4k but that's it. 

Full 4k : decent , recommended for GPU with 4gb vram or above. A little bit more demanding but worth it. Some minor details are scrapped from 2k version.

6) LORE friendly ?
Hard to say. I have shown you what the outfit looks like. You may judge by yourself. 

7) Where can I provide feedbacks ?
I am always opened to constructive feedbacks. 

8) You sucks , all of your mods sucks .

Cool story bro , now get out of here .

Credit : 

Elisa Moraes : thank you <3 
FadingSignal : cubemap.
Outfit Studio
Some ppl from my group who playtest this for me .