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Removes all silver paraphernalia from castle Volkihar using Base Object Swapper and AnimObjectSwapper. Vampires and thralls will no longer use trays filled with dangerous silver or silver cups when emoting, either.

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If you have ever gone into Castle Volkihar, you will have inevitably noticed the grandeur and savagery of the vampires residing within. You may also have noticed that they use silver cutlery. It is that latter part that this mod addresses, seeking to remove all non-essential silver cups, jugs, goblets, plates, platters, and pitchers, and to teach the vampire and their uhh... attendings... not to rely on silver to show off their royalty.

This mod makes heavy use of base Object Swapper and AnimObjectSwapper in order to achieve its goal. In addition to removing all instances of silver from the environment, it also removes silver from vampires' animations - more specifically, they will now no longer walk around holding silver goblets. Additionally, vampire cattle will no longer have trays full of silver, but instead, use the same new assets.

This mod would have not been possible without powerofthree's awesome frameworks.
The meshes for the new silver stuff was nabbed from wSkeever - performant AND great looking!
The textures are modified textures from Ruins Clutter Improved, created and used WITH PERMISSION from raiserfx.