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Fixes and tweaks certain aspects about NPC vampires to make your experience more immersive.

Permissions and credits
Assorted Vampire Fixes and tweaks fixes certain inconsistencies and bugs with vanilla Vampires. The fixes are mostly for consistency and thematic appropriateness andare implemented in a conflict free way.

Vampire Scouts Only Attack At Night 
In vanilla, most vampire encounters are scripted to happen during either the night or an eclipse. Except this, and "Vampire seeking shelter from the sun". This optional plugin changes that encounter to only happen at night time.

Silverware Remover
Base Object Swapper, AnimObject Swapper.
Removes silver objects(jugs, plates, candlesticks) from all vampire lairs, and replaces them with copper or gold variants (you choose the color during installation). Additionally, it removes the platter that vampire thralls carry and replaces it with a copper/gold variants. 
Originally,this was the "No more silver in castlevolkihar" mod. 
  • Now applies to all vampire lairs, not just castle volkihar.
  • Better coloring and shading for both gold and copper variants.

Vampires Sleep In Coffins
Converts some beds to coffins in vampire lairs.
Originally, this was  the "Consistency Fix - Coffins For Vampires".
Improvements over the original:
  • Replacements are no longer their own records. Instead, the original ref is replaced, as it should have been from the start.
  • Slight position tweaks.

Vampire Viscera Expanded
Container Distribution Framework
Uses Container Distribution Framework to add human flesh and hearts into containers in vampire lairs. Vampires are messy eaters, and opening a drawer should be a scary experience.

The art of the thumbnail is a bash of two images from https://game-icons.net/. I recommend checking them out.
For a detailed breakdown of which asset belongs to what mod author, see PERMISSIONS AND CREDITS.

On a closing note, you probably realized that this is 3 older mods and a new one. I felt very bad just releasing a new mod that is just a tweak file and an esp, so I decided to merge some of my older mods and hide the older versions. This has some distinct advantages for both the end user and me. End users can simply download one mod, and I only have one mod to worry about. Plus, I can slap in more mods here in the future.