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Makes vanilla Nordic weapons, arrows, and shields glow. Comes in 5 colors. ESL flagged.

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This is a retexture of vanilla nordic weapons and shields that I made for my player character. It comes in five colors: red, yellow, blue, green, and purple. I also made five types of enchanted arrows: fire, paralysis, frost, poison, and shock. All items are craftable and upgradable. The .esp is ESL flagged.



1. DLC: Dragonborn



ver. 1.1

・Revamped the glow maps of the shields. Added some screenshots of the new version in the "IMAGES" section.



Use your mod manager to install. It's safe to install mid-game,



To craft any item from this mod, you need the "Advanced Armor" perk and a misc. item named "[Glowing Nordic Crafting Mastery]" in your inventory. You can buy one from Alvor in Riverwood.



This mod adds crafting balls to Alvor's chest (Base ID: 78C0D), so is not compatible with any other mod that changes the same  record. You can get the ball using the console command (player.additem FE***87A 1) or mods like "AddItemMenu".


1. Skin texture used in screenshots: Leyenda Skin

2. Body shape used in screenshots: Moderately Built - BodySlide Preset BHUNP

3. Character preset used in screenshots: Kassandra - High Poly Racemenu Preset (Imperial and Nord)

4. Outfit mods used in screenshots:

Ayame Outfit [7B] and UUNP / CBBE BodySlides (for LE) (Original MOD page)
 This outfit has some problems in its BodySlide meshes. After you convert its meshes into the SE format and change its shape to your liking with BodySlide, you need to correct its meshes with NifSkope and OutfitStudio:
 (1)  The upper part of the outfit (cuirass_0.nif and cuirass_1.nif) has no lining texture. To correct this, open the .nif files of the cuirass with NifSkope, and tick "Double_Sided" in "Shader Flags 2" under "BSLightingShaderProperty" of the upper part of the mesh.

(2) The hand part of the gauntlets (gauntlets_0. nif and gauntlets_1.nif) does not morph properly, so you need to replace it with the one from the base body of your choice using OutfitStudio or NifSkope.

FFT Balflear Outfit [7B] and UUNP BodySlide (for LE) (Original MOD page)