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A modular and standalone version of Sekiro Combat. Comes with improved visuals and performance.

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   Notable Improvements

   ♦ Original Mod: Here

   ♦ Does not require Ultimate Combat, and is compatible with other combat mods.

   ♦ General VFX improvements + ENB Light + Planar physics for fire sparks.

   ♦ First Person view support. The flash fx should line up with the camera as well.

   ♦ Very responsive (useful for consecutive blocking) and performance friendly.

   ♦ Can block spells, arrows, and other type of effects.

   Gameplay Features

   ♦ Blocking creates shimmering fire sparks. Timed blocking produces bright flash effect.

   ♦ Timed block regenerates the defender's stamina and damages the attacker's Stamina equal to the amount of the defender's Block skill. Additionally, the attacker staggers if their Stamina is below 10%.

   ♦ Timed block negates weapon/arrow damage and gives 50% magic resistance. It can guard/reduce potency of everything including DOT effects and disease chance.

   ♦ Anyone can utilize timed blocking. The enemy may do the same as well in combat. WIth blocking being enhanced for everyone, balance between defense and offense is the key to victory. (This feature requires SPID)

   Sekiro Prosthetic Tools: Here