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Northern Roads without the roads!

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Let me get that out of the way 1st. I use it on 3 of my different builds. I learnt how to patch it and how to get my grass to not grow out more than the 70s "bush" of old. Grass cache saved my life on that one, I posted a guide on the Northern Roads comments for that btw! 

The other day I decided to make a 4th build (I have issues and love trying new builds) but this build I made would NOT play nice with Northern Roads and it depressed me :( 

So, here we are. 6 hrs in SSEedit later. I present to you... Someone stole my sweetROADS.

This patch removes 99% of landscape edits (left 1 at the WR Crossroads to ensure something) and road edits. It basically changes Northern Roads to be Northern Clutter. I love the added clutter by Northern Roads.

How does it work?! YOU MUST INSTALL NORTHERN ROADS. This is a replacement ESP, you download it, install it after Northern Roads and let it override Northern Roads ESP (Back it up 1st because you might hate my patch). 

Go in-game and your roads will be Vanilla (or Blended or Dirt Roads from Skyland or whatever you did to your roads before the fantastic Northern Roads arrived) with Northern Roads clutter and bridges!

A huge thank you to JPSteel2 for Northern Roads and the community for the massive number of patches already! Download Northern Roads people, you have to if you wanna use my patch anyway lol.

Things to note:

- But some stuff floats! I know, there's a small amount of stuff that floats because now everything is back to Vanilla. It's barely noticeable.
- You ruined JPSteel2s vision! Probably but half the fun of Skyrim modding is choice and mix/matching stuff!

- Will it work with existing Northern Roads patches?! Mostly yes, I put the Lux patches after my changes to fix floating lightposts, etc and it seemed to work fine BUT if you know how to SSEedit, go into your patches and remove/edit the landscape edits in the patches to keep your terrain looking how your Vanilla/modded game should.

- Will you change this/that?! No, this is how it is. Unless you find a gamebreaking bug or something, throw it in bug reports. It's working fine in my game.