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Do the candles on Enchanting tables annoy you with their blocky shapes and jarring wax transition? This simple MESH FIX may be for you. WORKS WITH ANY TEXTURES.

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The candles on Enchanting worksurfaces always annoyed me so I made this simple
mesh replacer.

  • Unpack to your game's Data folder (you should know the drill by now).
  • Overwrite Ruins Clutter Improved meshes if you use that mod (see below).

Consists solely of meshes - so this WORKS WITH ANY TEXTURES!
Also, there is NO ESP file, so this won't affect your load order or plugin count.

  • EnchantingWorkbench + loadscreen art model
  • EnchantingWorkstation
  • DisenchantingWorkbench (not found in Vanilla but some mods use it)
  • Rounder candles (achieved by the smallest increase in triangles possible).
  • UV fixes.
  • Smoother transitions from candles to wax.
  • Rounder pedestal/bowl/candle-holders (Disenchanter).


  • Fully compatible with any candle or enchanter retexture mod (as mentioned above in giant coloured letters)!
  • Fully compatible with Ruins Clutter Improved (recommended) - Install RCI and then this mod on top. Not with RCI v2.9, apparently he's changed the vanilla textures so that mods like this one that use them won't look right. Ask him to rename his new textures to restore compatibility.
  • Compatible with Jeclredured - Enchanter Workbench Table II - download the patch, install over that mod.
  • Incompatible with any other mod that edits the enchanter MESHES - are there any? Let me know if there's a popular enough one and I'll see what I can do about making a patch.

  • You can use these meshes in your House or Dungeon/Quest mod, just add me to the credits please.