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Northern Cathedral Grass Pre-Cache for LOD Generation

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 This mod is for advanced users who are familiar with using xLODGen, TexGen, & DynDOLOD.

The use case is if you want grass LOD, but can't run No Grass in Objects for whatever reason, or you just don't want to generate it yourself.

This grass cache was generated with only Northern Cathedral Grass and Skyrim Landscape and Water Fixes enabled. This means that if you add mods that add things to, and/or change the landscape, you will likely have grass LODs clipping with the newly added objects. You could also end up with floating grass.

Brown tundra was selected in the Cathedral Landscapes FOMOD.

ModOrganizer: Install as any other mod. It will complain that "The content of <data> does not look valid", ignore
that, and click "Ignore" on the next pop-up as well.

Vortex: No idea, sorry.

Once installed you will then run xLOD, TexGen, and DynDOLOD.

Use Grass Cache Helper NG

Refer to the STEP guide for basic instructions

Pay attention to the screenshots on the STEP guide.

This may be helpful: Grass LOD matching colour seam guide

You can find other grass precaches here