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Get porcupine'd every battle as a melee purist? Take this.

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  • Korean
It's funny that skyrim bandits all have this supernatural dodge ability when you're shooting at them, and your melee only dragonborn always had enough arrows on themselves to supply the whole Whiterun guardian forces. One might seek aid from modifications that slacken the pace of projectiles, other may find ways to rid the Skyrim populace of their uncanny accuracy. Here shall I proffer you another solution, which is ineptly named

Projectile Sense - Incoming Arrow & Magic Slows Time
Also checkout my killmove mod Kaputt

  • What's this?
A SKSE plugin that adds a power to slow time (and you) when an incoming arrow/magic missile is detected, with optional cooldown, stamina/magicka cost and perk requirement to make it less OP.
  • How do I play?
In game your character should have a power called Toggle Projectile Sense (If not, save and reload). When the power is on, time will slow when arrows/magic come near you. Pair it with mods that let you dodge/deflect projectiles for maximum coolness.
  • How do I install?
Make sure you have SKSE and Address Library installed, then just put the stuff in your game folder or w/ a mod manager. Uninstall at any time.
  • How do I configure?
Config file at Data/SKSE/plugins/ProjectileSense.toml. Options (timescale, duration, detection, perk requirement etc.) are documented with comment. Do check it out before mindlessly going in playing.
  • Is it compatible with X?
Yes. Or maybe yes. Most probably yes.
  • Troubleshooting?
There is a debug log option. Enable it and report any bug with log at My Documents/My Games/Skyrim Special Edition/SKSE/ProjectileSense.log
Some has reported this not working w/o po3's Papyrus Extender and po3 Tweaks. If the mod doesn't work for you, you may try installing the 2 mods.

Ersh, dTry, Fudgyduff and their code

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