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Uses Base Object Swapper to replace the Dead Shrub, so there is no more dead shrub in your game. No esp and no patches required.

Permissions and credits
Make sure you have Base Object Swapper and all of its requirements installed. This mod will not work without it.

Three Options Available

Option 1
Dead Shrub is replaced with empty mesh making it invisible

Option 2
Dead Shrub is mostly replaced with an empty mesh, but there is a 10% chance of having it replaced with yellow mountain flowers in Falkreath Hold

Option 3 - Variety
  • In snowy regions, the dead shrub will be replaced with vinemaple01snow
  • The dead shrub will be completely removed from caves, forts, and ruins
  • In other areas the dead shrub has a 34% chance of being replaced with treefallforest01, a 33% chance of being replaced with yellowshrub01, and a 33% chance of being replaced with yellowshrub03.
  • There is a 10% chance of the dead shrub being replaced with yellow mountain flowers in Falkreath Hold.
  • No patches are needed if you use other mods that replace these vanilla objects. The swap will happen automatically and use the new models.

If you don't like the vanilla texture of the Fall Forest and  Yellow Shrubs or don't have a suitable replacer yet, the texture replacer used in this mod's image for option 3 is Fall Forest and Yellow Shrubs Redone by TheSithLord.

The texture replacer used for the VineMaple01Snow in this mod's images is Vine Maple Redone (Alternate Snowy) by TheSithLord.

If you also want the Reach Bush gone, try my other mod Reach Bush Be Gone - Base Object Swapper.

If you want to replace dead shrubs and thickets with new textures and also combine more than one dead shrub and thicket replacer check out this mod:  Thickets and Dead Shrub Swapper with Options