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SKSE plugin that dynamically adjusts bow draw speed and arrow projectile speed depending on weight and the wielder's archery skill.

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Archery is one of the most rewarding and frankly unbalanced skills in this game. Anyone can pick up a bow and dominate - the absurd base damage coupled with the range it gives you, as well as the great scaling, make bows one of the strongest builds you can go for.

Archery Rebalance has 2 main moving parts: The arrow speed adjuster and the bow draw speed adjuster. In general, the lower your archery skill is, and the heavier the bow, the slower it will fire. However, with increased weight comes increased projectile speed. While in the later levels of archery the difference in draw speed will be negligible, the projectile speed will remain very high, making aiming (and hitting your target) easier.

Note that to ensure compatibility with PO3's tweaks, projectile lifetime has NOT been altered.

Bows and crossbows are very different weapons. To maintain this, Archery Rebalance makes crossbows situational weapons. The situation? You're not a very skilled marksman, and you need an easier weapon. Hey, no judging - some characters don't really invest in archery, believe it or not! Oh, and bolts have the added benefit of ignoring armor. Yeah, should have probably led with that.

Step 1: Install SKSE64 from here.
Step 2: Install Address Library For SKSE Plugins from here.
Step 3: Install this mod with your mod manager.

Verification that the mod works:
Step 1: Run Skyrim and wait until you get to the main menu. You can now safely exit the game.
Step 2: Navigate to your Documents folder. Within there, find the "Skyrim Special Edition" folder. Within there, find the "SKSE" folder.
Step 3: Open "ArcheryRebalance.log" with a text editor (Notepad++ would be my recommendation, but Notepad also works.).
Step 4: If it is not empty, congratulations! The mod works as intended :D

Alternatively, console yourself a Dragonbone Bow (020176f1) and see the difference at an early level! Your character should struggle with nocking the arrow.

I received an enormous amount of help from a lot of very talented mod authors. They used their time to help out a noob like me, and for that I am beyond grateful.  Here are just some of them:

  • meh321 - Helped me identify a crash that was driving me crazy.
  • PowerOfThree - the main function that adjusts projectile speed is HEAVILY referencing their work on powerofthree's tweaks.
  • Parapets and Colinswrath - Helped me get started with creating my first SKSE plugin.
  • CharmedByron - Their example plugin was an excellent template, and a lot of help with Relocation.
  • Nem and Dropkicker - General advice and a lot of support.
  • DavidJCobb - Advice on C++ proper etiquette and a LOT of advice for my plugin.
  • Ultra - Advice on C++.

Source code is here, on my github.