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A new Style for the Fate Cards of Legacy of the Dragonborn

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2023 Version available here  >>>  2023 Remaster


This is a new texture for the Fate Cards from Legacy of the Dragonborn by icecramassassin. It is based on the Fate Cards Remade mod by wSkeever.

My Idea was to give these cards a new, yet nordic-rustic style....perfect for the rough world of Skyrim.

All Images are made by myself ( except 2 ), with armor, landscape, weapons and charactermods from the most talented modders for Skyrim, yet to keep the look of Skyrim upright.


If you wish to get a Paper-finish for the cards, head over to Fate Cards Remade - My version SE by is compatible with my version
Simply replace the "" in the "cards" folder
( Thanks to Xtudo for the hint )

Also thanks to Xtudo, you will find an optimized Version for ENB and Reshade Users...if you use any presets, it is highly recommended to have 
a look at those


Important:  Fate Cards Remade by wSkeever is a hard Requirement !!!!

  • make sure you have wSkeevers " Fate Cards Remade - Legacy of The Dragonborn " installed

  • simply replace the "texture"-folder in "Skyrim Special Edition/Data and let the old .dds overwrite the files

  • done...enjoy your new Cards


  •  icecreamassassin for " Legacy of the Dragonborn ", one of the best quest mods ever created

  •  wSkeever for the core mod and the permission, to edit the cards

  • special thanks to Xtudo for the support and optimization