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A lore friendly expansion of Rorikstead.

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Rorikstead Revised

It always irked me that some of the towns were smaller than bandit camps, (Karthspire, I'm looking at you...) Also, Rorikstead, for a working village (ahem, hamlet, ahem, farmstead), seemed to me to lack a few essentials. It is on the main trade route between Whiterun and the Reach and also Haafingar to the north, not to mention the home of the eponymous hero of 'Ragnar the Red.' So I wanted to add a little more to the settlement from a realistic point of view. This a lore friendly overhaul of Rorikstead, and It adds some additional farm dwellings, some additional NPC's and some other trimmings which are detailed below. (No Daedric weapons for funsies here...)

-3 new dwellings to explore, thieve, use, discover. 
-5 NPC's with working routines and sandboxes who should add to the feel of a village. 
-Added a windmill, (Grain needs to be ground in all weathers, there is the whole of Whiterun to feed as well as two rampaging armies, currently at war.)
-Added a well, near Frostfruit Inn and Rorik Manor. (In Earth's terms the folk of Rorikstead are a short jog across the critter infested tundra for access to water... But In Skyrim's 'world', they are miles away from a river and it made sense for it to be near the important buildings. 
-Added a small rural shop, the proprietress peddles mainly in foodstuffs and common ingredients as you might imagine, but she does also have a couple of other things that may interest a hunter, soldier or adventurer passing through. 
-Added another small field, to increase the farming feel with a new farmer to look after it. 
-Added a woodcutting block, a grindstone and an additional tanning rack for some flexibility to craft. 
-Included some notes to give the NPC's a little more depth.
-Extended the guard patrol route slightly to extend their watch to the east where most of the new buildings are.
-Added shadowmarks for the thieves out there. 
-Added scarecrows and assorted clutter to make the place feel lived in.
Finally, I tried to make this as natural an extension as possible, so all added content should still feel like, well, Rorikstead.

Wuvaard, a gruff ex-Imperial soldier, who just wanted a quiet life before the war erupted. Despite his age, he is a bit of a beatstick and will help the guard with the handling of wolves, bandits, spiders, sabre tooth's, you know the stuff regular farmers deal with on a daily basis. (I mean; where are all of the decent fighters? Not all bandit leaders one hopes..)
Runhilda; his wife and the owner of the Grain and Tack, for all your cooking needs. She is a bit gruff, but if you chop some wood for her, she softens up a bit, but runs the shop from 9 to 5 most days. 
Freyla; A young farmer who might've known somebody who met their end in a certain town in Falkreath hold.
Aardnal, A retired farmer who now spends his time dedicated to Mara.
Inge; his wife, who idle's her time watching the farmers and feeding the chickens. She'd also appreciate it, if you chopped some wood for her.   

Installation and Uninstallation

Use NMM or MO and click to install. If manually , unpack and drag and drop into your Skyrim SSE data folder. 

Uninstall, make a clean save, away from Rorikstead, (The mages College in Winterhold should just about do it...;)) Use NMM or MO to remove, or manually remove all of the files from the data folder. 

Should be compatible with most other mods, as long they don't place objects in the Rorikstead area. (Most notably Rorikstead04)
You just need SSE and the Unofficial Skyrim patch which you can find here ( Why would you play without it? 

It does play well out of the box with Immersive laundry, SMIM, Immersive patrols, Wet and Cold, Frostfall, footprints, Character makeover etc. It also runs along fine with ELFX, but It wont have their awesome Enhanced Lights and, um, FX. (The same would also apply to RLO, which used to light up my oldrim game.) I have also tested it with Weather mods, bug fixes etc. So most should be fine. I haven't the time to test it on every single mod, but in general if it doesn't touch Rorikstead, you'll likely be good. 

As always, be sensible with your mods, this is pretty lightweight, no scripts, but it does add some extra items into the world. I can't imagine it will place too much stress on any machine, as Falkreath, Morthal and Dawnstar are still much larger. But, if you use only 16K textures, super SMIM, Every road is full of travellers mod, you may notice your FPS flicker ever so slightly lower than it used to in Rorikstead. (C'mon your twin Titans can take it!) For reference I only have a 2G Nvidia card, and it runs fine.   

Now I have tried my utmost to deliver a free, quality product, but I'm just one person, so please feed back to me if an NPC wanders off into the abyss, if they're missing facegen data, shonky item placement, or any other of the hundreds of things that make Skyrim modding so much fun...! 


Stroti and Tamira for the modders resources (Horseshoes and scarecrows) Used under the permissions granted on that page. But, there are a whole load of cool stuff in those packs, check out the assets and show them some love. ( and
The SSEdit team
Bethesda for SSE and the CK
Finally, the modding community at large: When the tutorials were too confusing, google brought me sanity as some poor soul, who'd been there before had asked the questions and got the answers. 

Technical bits

This has been fully navmeshed, there are no deletions, and in my hands it works with a hot ton of other mods.
It has been fully  cleaned with SSEdit.
Tools used were SSedit, the CK, 7zip.