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Have you ever walked trough the Labyrinthian while doing the College of Winterhold quest and wondered on how no one re-settled the place after so much time? The place is situated between Solitude and Whiterun, two of the most economically influential place in Skyrim, it would seem only logical that someone would take control of this place!

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  • Turkish
Welcome, dear Arch-mage, the city of Bromjunaar is yours to command!

This mod is the result of two years of tireless work, starting from a growing frustration towards the lack of mod for the Labyrinthian area. I have finally decided to learn to mod from scratch and to make a city for mages!


Why a city for mages you ask? Well, since the location is an essential place for the College of Winterhold, and since the reward for completing the College's quest is so meager and underwhelming, I've decided to make the completion of the College's quest much more rewarding (I mean, a city is a pretty big prize right?) 
So I've made a second College inside the Labyrinthian and added a whole city outside it under your control to truly make it seem like you have progressed as a mage, after all, Arch-mage Shalidor made Winterhold with a "whispered spell", so why can't you try to acheive the same thing when you achieve mastery of the magical arts?

The mod intend to (in the future) make a quest to search for the so-called "whispered spell" so that when you finish the College of Winterhold storyline you will get to go on one final quest to make you a true Arch-mage. Upon the completion of the quest, the city will apparate after a lenghty and arduous ritual and will be yours to "rule" (Important note: you are NOT a Jarl, you are still the Arch-mage of the College, so the ruler of the city and nothing more). By your actions, you will bring forth the specters of the past to defend the city: the past denizens from the First Era, and garner the interest of some other unkown forces...

As of now, the mod is not 100% done, what I mean by that is that quest is not done yet, some conversation and college classes are still to be done too but overall the city is playable and can be enjoyed without all the big bells and whistles.

Of course, the College of Winterhold is in itself no country or political entity, and so not wanting to become enraptured into the civil war or the general power struggle, the College has put out rules pertaining the City of Bromjunaar.
  • This city is neutral ground, no aggression, spying or murder is to be tolerated by Imperial or Stormcloaks agents.
  • The Thalmor, or any Aldmeri Dominion agents , are not welcome and are refused entry to the city.
  • Only magic users may reside inside Bromjunaar and purchase properties.
  • Magical experiment and research are to be conducted in designated spaces.
  • Non-magic users may stay a maximum of 5 days inside the walls of Bromjunaar.
  •     *Khajiit merchant caravans are welcome to stay indefinitely in the city.

The city, as you may have guested, is designed to be a haven for mages, replicating in some way the Island of Artaeum where the Psijic Order reside or the island of Eyevea. 

Of course, mages also often include priests, the city house 3 temples (Mara, Arkay and Akatosh) and 6 shrines (Dibella, Zenithar, Stendar, Julianos, Kynareth, Talos ) so, many faithful flock to the city in hope of attaining holy insight or just to find a place to pray peacefully. 
There is 6 houses, 1 alchemist shop, a market with 6 merchants (jewelry, weapons and armor, alchemist, magic items, food and a general good trader), 1 blacksmith, 1 small dungeon, 1 Inn, 1 Palace (yours), 1 jail and 1 mage College (located in the old labyrinthian). 
A council of professors was also appointed by the College to assist you with your work, being an adventurer, a headmaster was chosen also to conduct the day-to-day affairs while you are busy exploring.

There is around 100 npcs, over 190 voicelines done trough XVASynth2. 

Manually: put all of the files into your Skyrim/Data folder.
Install with your mod manager of choice (Nexus, Vortex, Mo2 etc).


If you have some visual bugs (such as mountains disappearing etc.) i'd advise running Dydolod 

It is recommended that you finish the College of Winterhold questline before downloading the city, it won't cause any major problems but you'll have to access the old Labyrinthian from a trapdoor situated on a wall by the city's southern gate. (And also use the "tlc" command to bypass the doors)

The mod should work with any mod that do not alter the Labyrinthian section of the worldmap, if you encounter any bugs that cause a CTD, please write a message in the mod's forum AFTER running LOOT to see if my mod has some compatibility issues that were unforseen. The more information you provide to me, the more I'll be able to correct it.
The mod is incompatible with following mods: 
LC_Citadel (modify the area around the city, and is also a settlement itself).
The mod is compatible with the Following mods:
Glamoril - The maze of Labyrinthian

Here are some bugs that I am aware of, so that when you encounter one you won't be much surprised by it:
Slight lights clipping inside the College's main courtyard.
NPCs sometime stopping and not pursuing packages (partly due to the high number of NPCs in a cell/worldspace)
Merchant NPC stop their idle dialogue (yelling about their produces) when you go too far, you needs to talk to them to make them reset.
I've done my best, but since I am french, some mistake must have slipped in the dialogues (even the mod page!), please notify me if you find any.


(If anyone want to give me a donation, I just want to let you know that I will give 100% of the donations I receive to help the victims of the war in Ukraine.)