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Defend the Earth, participate in a martial arts tournament, fight aliens, gods, fly through outer space, gather the dragon balls, and obtain ssj1-3

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A new npc named yamcha should be on the road leading to riverwood starting a questline that will bring you to a new world, the questline currently ends around the world martial arts tournament but everything is in place currently up to the android saga, type help dbzsuper to see the quests currently implemented, (not in order) a npc named roshi can be found at roshi house, in whiterun and on the bridge after riverwood selling certain dbz related spells which will all be mostly changed to unlocked through quests. Mod should be fully working, for vr and normal sse, I was making it through the vr ck though and experienced some severe technical problems, if it isnt packed correctly i might need to take it down and completely reupload eventually.

Only requirement should be race compatability

Like xenoverse there are normal ssj forms and the super vegeta variant, normal ssj forms being more warrior focused giving str speed and stamina buffs where super vegta is more for casters giving the opposite with magicka buffs, each form being more powerful and having a higher drain stat on it, use ki charge to sustain your transformation.

"coc dbzspace" to teleport to outer space you will need the fly mod obviously, set a quest to see how to leave outer space or you will become lost in space.

Flying to close to the sun will start to do hundreds of fire damage

"coc dbznameksaga" for namek
"coc dbzsaiyansaga" for saiyan saga earth

Took anywhere from 1-200 hours so far for all seen in the mod maybe more maybe less.

I wanted to upload just incase as soon as possible so I dont have to worry about loosing files.

If you wish to add on to it yourself feel free to but atleast give credit
where due and keep in mind this mod is still very early and likely to be
changed drastically.

Please checkout my other mods here on my profile if this seems cool to you and interests you.
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