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An extension of Real Names Rebuild by snizzzz to load names from .json files

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Real Names Extended
An extension of Real Names Rebuild by snizzzz. That mod assigns names to generic NPCs (Whiterun Guard, Bandit, Forsworn, etc.) based on their race and gender, however the list of names is hard-coded into each script, so if you don't like the list or want to add more, you're mostly out of luck. So, making use of PapyrusUtil's json functionality, I rewrote part of the mod to load the list of names from .json files at runtime. This makes it convenient to include many more names (hundreds per race and gender), and it allows anyone to provide another set of names without having to do any coding. This also allowed me to implement some additional features, like last names/titles/clan names/etc., and different names for Reachmen vs. other Bretons.

WARNING: Names changed by this mod are baked into your save file. Uninstalling this mod will not change their names back.

Lore Accuracy
All the names included by default are from the UESP's list of names from previous games. I did not generally include names from Arena and Daggerfall because the lore was massively rewritten between Daggerfall and Morrowind (strictly speaking, between Daggerfall and TESA: Redguard) so a lot of the names from those games no longer fit with the cultures that the races are based on. Since almost every name used in a previous game is included, some of the names will sound familiar. But that's okay, sometimes different people have the same name.

I tried to reflect each culture's approach to names wherever I could. For example, Argonians almost never have last names, so this mod doesn't provided any last names for Argonians. Altmer have very long names, and they almost always go by their first name alone, so very few Altmer last names and titles were included. Orc last names are prefixed with gra- or gro- for women and men respectively, but that only applies to clan names, not honorifics or nicknames. Bretons and Reachmen are culturally distinct groups, so you shouldn't really see many with one Breton name and one Reachmen name. I implemented this by having generic Breton NPCs have a (configurable) chance to be assigned a Reachmen name, and Forsworn are always assigned Reachmen names, never Breton names.

Update 1.1: Elderly characters (ElderRace or ElderRaceVampire) are now treated as nords for the purpose of name assignment. Hagravens are now assigned a female Reachman name, and are controlled by the Forsworn setting in the MCM. Dunmer have a (configurable) chance to be assigned Ashlander names, 15% by default.

Update 1.2: Dragons and Dragon Priests are now assigned names defined in their respective names files, and are each controlled by their own setting in the MCM. Over 200 dragon names are included, which were produced by randomly generating them from syllables and picking the ones that sounded good or had an interesting meaning. Dragon Priest names were picked from 2 or 3 syllable words in the dragon language that fit nicely enough with the named dragon priests in Skyrim.

Update 1.3: Dremora and Flame/Frost/Storm Atronachs are now supported. This includes names for female Dremora, though there are no female Dremora in vanilla Skyrim. Dark Seducers and Golden Saints from the Saints and Seducers Creation Club mod are supported as well, and their names files contain both male and female names, though the DLC itself only contains female Saints and Seducers. Trolls are now assigned names, though since most of the troll names on the UESP are more like pet names, these are only applied by default to Armored Trolls from Dawnguard. Giants, Falmer, and Spriggans are supported by the mod, but names files are not included because there are not enough named characters from previous games to support enough variety. Create your own names files, and they will be distributed to newly encountered Giants, Falmer, and Spriggans.

Unique and Non-Unique NPCs
Skyrim has a system to flag NPCs as "Unique", which basically means that there's only one placed somewhere in the world. This matches up largely, but not 100%, with NPCs that have a name (and thus shouldn't be renamed by a mod like this.) Some NPCs are flagged as Unique but don't have a name (e.g. "Nervous Patron," one of the targets for repeatable Dark Brotherhood quests) and some NPCs have a name, and are only placed once in the world, but aren't Unique (e.g. Sild the Necromancer, Mirmulnir, Sebastian Lort, etc.)

So now the plugin contains two lists, one for NPCs that are Unique but should be renamed anway, and one for NPCs that are not Unique, but shouldn't be renamed. These lists are preloaded with data from the vanilla game (Skyrim, Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn), but compatibility with other mods requires the Formlist Manipulator to dynamically load NPCs into these lists based on some configuration files. Included with 1.5 are configuration files for CC mods, Vigilant, Lost Wonders of Mzark, Wheels of Lull, and Beyond Reach. These files are based on this spreadsheet from the developer of NPCs Names Distributor, but I've already found and fixed at least one error, so let me know if there are any other issues with these files.

Each race has a configurable chance to be assigned a last name (e.g. Dunmer almost always have a family name, Nords only occasionally have a clan name or title, Argonians never have a last name, etc.). These chances can be changed by modifying settings.json at the path Data/SKSE/Plugins/RealNamesExtended/Settings.json

Names can be configured by adding new files to the folders in Data/SKSE/Plugins/RealNamesExtended. This mod will load all .json files in the relevant folder when assigning a name to a character. The .json files look something like this:
"male": {
"first": ["Edril", "Dralas", "Falam"],
"last": []
"female": {
"first": ["Nela", "Felara", "Morusu"],
"last": []
"all": {
"first": [],
"last": ["Garil", "Dulo", "Selos"]

For instance, male characters will be assigned a first name drawn from either the "male" category, or the "all" category, and similarly for last name. All names are equally likely.

Future Plans
  • I want to include Falmer names, but there are so few named Falmer in the lore that there would be nowhere near enough variety. You would see the same name several times in each Falmer dungeon.
  • Same deal with Giants.
  • There might be enough names in the lore for Dremora and Atronachs, however...
  • Dragons. I'm not sure if I should try to procedurally generate dragon names in this mod, or if I should pregenerate a bunch and include a names file with the good ones.
  • Dogs. That includes vanilla stray dogs, Dawnguard huskies, and Death Hounds.