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Two mods which both feature minor Erdtrees I made myself inspired by Elden Ring!

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100% of the DP the mod gets go towards the sites chosen conservation charity! 


-= No longer is the Eldergleam the oldest thing in Skyrim! =-

Had these models for a little bit now and felt like doing something with them, so I made an Elden Ring (non lore friendly) inspired mod for Skyrim! 

This mod page features a Gildergreen replacer, and another mod that adds them as separate trees with their own little locations, featuring saplings and some Walmart versions of our beloved pot friends. There are 3 of these trees all with unique models in different locations in the rift. Why did I not put them in other places? I think they fit best in the rift and I didn't want too many of them. 

Do tell me if the glow is too high in the comments! I might make a non glow version.

Each location with pot friends and an Erdtree has its own "Minor Erdtree" map marker.

YOU DON'T NEED TO RUN DYNDOLOD! - the tree already uses full lod.


-The Gildergreen will not grow, the vanilla quest was broken anyways. 
-Other mods like Enhanced Landscapes or NOTWL l that add more trees to the rift may be incompatible and you might end up with trees inside pot friends or Minor Erdtrees.
-Unsure of compatibility with other Gildergreen replacers but it should be fine.


The models are 90k-120k triangles, but since they're few and far between this shouldn't be an issue (I cannot make them any lighter without destroying the visuals, and they already have spaghetti branches). I have noticed no performance hit from using the mod but I have a high end system, and I have had others also say there is no fps drop, so you guys will have to tell me what it's like. 


Download with your preferred manager or download manually. Load after any other mods affecting the Gildergreen.

Hope you all enjoy! <3