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Research adds over 75 effects to over 300 books in Skyrim.

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While the books in Skyrim have always been desirable for lore buffs and collectors, there was little practical reason to gather them otherwise.  Research in Skyrim adds over 75 abilities to over 300 books in Skyrim and even adds a few new ones.  Each book grants a 24 hour buff that can be reread each day.  These buffs can be used to min/max your character, or simply to flesh out your role-playing creation.  I have attempted to divide and categorize all of the books in the main game. Journals, notes, and books related to quests have not been changed.

There are over 300 edited books with 1000+ references, so if I missed something or it doesn't work right...please let me know in the comments.

- bug fixes
- Magic Resistance changed from +10% to +5%
- Unarmed attack damage changed from +5 to +10
- Shout Cooldown increased from 5% to 10%
- Craftable Research Notes
- This and future releases will be bundled with the scripts in the download.

- Patches available for Immersive Sounds Compendium, Thunderchild, and Book Covers of Skyrim provided courtesy of TendiesforBreakfast.

Do you want to play a Nord who fights the Thalmor and Imperial armies?  Keep an eye out for "Rising Threat, Vol. 1" for +5 damage to Altmer or "Brief History of the Empire, Vol. 1" for increased damage to Imperials.  Look for the "Herbane's Bestiary" collection for increased damage to animals, monsters, and even automatons.  There are 80 different books in 20 different categories that give increased damage to just about everything in Skyrim.  Multiple books of the same name will not stack with themselves, but will stack with other books of the same type. For example, if you find "Rising Threat, Vol. 1-4", you can gain a +20% increase in damage to Altmer by collecting all 4 books in the series.  While "+5 to damage vs. Nords" is of great benefit in Skyrim...some races, like Khajiit, are more rare.  Other bonuses have been added in an attempt to make these more worthwhile.  Studying these other cultures provide small bonuses as well as damage bonuses.

Skill books are no longer a one-time use and will no longer increase your skill just by reading them, but will allow you to gain XP faster.  Many aspects of the skill books have remained the same.  There are 5 books for each of the 18 skills for a total of 90 books.  Their placement in the world and leveled lists remain the same.  Like the other books, they can be stacked with those of the same category - but not with themselves.  Each skill book provides a +5% increase to XP.  

Each skill also has a collection of books associated with them and provide similar buffs to those of a Fortify potion.  Sneak makes it harder to be detected.  Light Armor increases your skill.  Smithing allows you a boost when tempering weapons and armor.  These are grouped similarly according to their topics.  Do you want to focus on being a smith or merchant?  There are a total of 9 books for each skill.  The more dedicated and focused your studies, the more proficient you will become.

Lastly, there are 19 groups of books that do everything from reducing shout cooldown to increasing unarmed damage to granting buffs to your followers, and even increasing your speed.  Keep an eye out for books in the same series or books with similar topics.

Leveled lists and the Arcanaeum in the College of Winterhold have been altered slightly to make the rarer books more readily available.

NOW IN 2.0

Whenever you collect all the books on a topic, you can go to the crafting station on the desk in the Arcanaeum and craft a notebook that will provide a permanent bonus equal to the sum of the lesser books.  In order to craft the notebook you must have all off the other buffs active and it will allow you to craft the notebook.  Reading the notebook will provide you with the permanent buff, however, you can no longer use the lesser books as they will not grant you any further bonuses.

The Notebooks are intentionally left blank, and the reason twofold.  First, the notebooks are intended to represent your character's study on the subject.  Each character's (and player's) thoughts and words differ, so I didn't want to impose any verbiage that may be out of characters.  Second, the proposed version 3.0 will allow you to combine research notebooks for special and more powerful buffs.  The details of which will be revealed in the notebooks as the version develops.

+5% Damage to Altmer
+5% Damage to Argonian/ Ability to craft more valuable jewelry.
+5% Damage to Bosmer
+5% Damage to Breton
+5% Damage to Imperial
+5% Damage to Nord
+5% Damage to Khajiit/Prices when trading with Khajiit are better.
+5% Damage to Orsimer/ Increased skill when tempering Orcish equipment
+5% Damage to Redguards
+5% Damage to Dunmer
+5% Damage to Dragons
+5% Damage to Dremora/Atronachs
+5% Damage to Undead
+5% Damage to Vampires
+5% Damage to Werewolves
+5% Damage to Falmer
+5% Damage to Automatons
+5% Damage to Animals
+5% Damage to Insects/Arachnids/Chaurus
+5% Damage to Monsters/Magical Creatures

+5% increase in XP for the applicable skill


ARCHERY: +5% Damage with Bows
ALCHEMY: +5% Increase to potion Potency
BLOCK: Blocking is 5% better.
LIGHT ARMOR: Improves skill by 5%
HEAVY ARMOR: Improves skill by 5%
ALTERATION: Increases duration by 10%
ILLUSION: Increases duration by 10%
CONJURATION: Increases duration by 10%
DESTRUCTION: Increased damage by 5%
RESTORATION: Restoration spells are 5% more powerful.
SPEECH: Greatly improves persuasion attempts and reduces bribe costs
SMITHING: Improves tempering 5%.
PICKPOCKET: Pickpocketing is 5% easier.
LOCKPICKING: Lockpicking is 5% easier.
ENCHANTMENT: Created enchantments are 5% more powerful.
SNEAK: You are 5% harder to detect.
ONE-HANDED: One-handed weapons deal 5% more damage.
TWO-HANDED: Two-handed weapons deal 5% more damage.


Studying the Thu'um grants you insight into the dragon language
- Shout cooldown is reduced by 10%
- Fire/Frost shouts are more powerful and you take less damage from fire/frost dragonbreath.

Barenziah was a historic Dunmer figure and master negotiator.
- Buying prices are 5% better.
- Selling prices are 5% better.

Researching Potema, the Wolf Queen can grant increased power over the undead.
- Reanimation spells are 5% more powerful.

Knowledge of the ancient Dwemer culture improves knowledge of defense and health.
- Incoming damage is reduced.
- Health regeneration is increased

Ayleid's were attuned to magicka and by studying them you become a better caster.
- Magicka regeneration is increased

Studying the mysteries of the Elder Scrolls, they exist outside of time and defy normal physics and magic.
- Increased magic absorption by 5%

Traveling the towns and wilderness of Skyrim, you become a more resilient and quicker explorer.
- Increase speed
- Increased Stamina Regeneration

Azura's Star is an artifact that can trap the souls of humans...but more can be learned about soul gems by studying.
- Soul Gems provide increased power when recharging weapons
- More power is absorbed when you deal a killing blow.

Knowledgeable commanders study their enemies and tactics. Researching combat techniques allows you to better train your allies.
- Increased health/stamina/and combat abilities for followers.

Time flows like a river, and history repeats...and learning the deep mysteries of the past one can unlock capabilities in the present.
- Increased magicka and regeneration for your followers.

Sometimes the pen is mightier than the sword, and a few well spun words can win a conflict, or instigate one.
- Power of calming and frenzy affects greatly increased.

When it comes to unarmed combat, no race is more adept than the Khajiit.  Studying their ways ensures you are never caught unarmed.
- Increased unarmed damage +10
- Chance to avoid damage when unarmored 5%

Sheogorath and his plane of Oblivion are chaotic and unpredictable...studying them doesn't seem to help that much...
- Even chance to greatly increase or greatly decrease damage.

Compatibility issues:

This mod does replace a few books so that a few new ones could be created where books on that topic were lacking. These retained the same object ID, so mods that change those books, or change them (Book Covers of Skyrim, etc.) could conflict.  Check the files for compatibility patches. Removed books include:
- Mysterious Akavir
- The Windhelm Letters
- Dunmer of Skyrim
- Five Songs of King Wulfharth
- N'Gasta! Kvata! Kvakis!

Anything that affects the TimedAbility script will conflict.
Magic Effects, Perks, Spells, keywords, etc. were all created for this mod and should not conflict.
Monsters added by other mods would need to have the respective keywords added to benefit from the increased damage books.

Research in Skyrim requires Dawnguard and Dragonborn.