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A carefully curated collection of animations for the custom follower Lucien Flavius, which apply only to him with Dynamic Animation Replacer or Open Animation Replacer..

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Lucien Flavius, your bubbly, cheerful bestie who I felt would add some flair and pizazz to his combat moves: This mod gives him some unique animations focused on his abilities as a mage, warrior, or archer. Also includes idles, sitting, run/sprint, jump.

This mod is immersive and will apply Lucien's animations based on his combat skill level. His new sit, movement, and idle animations are always active. But since Lucien's abilities grow over time, he will not start with fancy casting or fighting animations. You will need to develop his skills to at least 40, which will activate certain style animations. The styles he's not skilling up in will remain with the vanilla animations. So for example, once his magical abilities reach certain levels he will start to look more proficient (and imo, cooler) by using custom animations. New in version 2, poor Lucien will initially have a chance to fall awkwardly on his face while attacking with a one-handed weapon until his skills are more profficient.

There is an optional patch which will activate all the combat animations (and deactivate the wipe-out) regardless of his skill level if you prefer the instant gratification route.

You absolutely must have Dynamic Animation Replacer OR Open Animation Replacer installed for this to work. My DAR folder numbers start at 777300. See readme file for details. There is also a base actor ID animation replacement folder. Safe to install or uninstall at any time. You may see some t-posing for a few seconds when you first load Skyrim; that's normal for DAR just give it a moment to load animations. You do not need FNIS or Nemesis to use this mod, although it is perfectly fine to use those alongside it for your other mods that need it.

To get the best experience, I recommend you install these optional mods to bring Lucien (and other NPCs) further to life:
CHIMgarden's wonderful series
EVG conditional idles and animation variance
Animation Motion Revolution
VR users - this should eliminate the need for conditions edits to prevent invisible NPCs

Bishop -- Inigo -- Kaidan -- Lucien
Teldryn Sero -- The Companions