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Hi everyone! After six months of modding I couldn't resist publishing a first release of my new mod,
which will take you to visit the city of Elden Root and its huge forests around (as I imagine them).

Polish your armor, let's go to Valenwood!

Permissions and credits
To get to Elden Root, just go through the portal that appeared in the Falkthreat forest, near Roadside Ruins (you can see the exact location in the images). The map is not very extensive but it's full of details and little secrets to discover.

- New ingredients (more than 20) to find in the jungle.
- New animals to hunt, some hidden and others very difficult to catch.
- New critters, some very rare and others that will only appear at certain locations and times.
- New enemies like cannibal tribes, lurchers and fairies!
- New Bosmer-style weapons, armors, amulets, shrines, spells and a station to create new types of magic arrows.
- New foods, drinks and recipes typical of the wood elf lore.
- New Loadscreens during fast travels on the map.
- Small player home with some essential amenities and a cute new animal follower!

This is currently intended as a finished mod (although there will be updates for the inevitable errors or bugs that will be reported)
If I'm motivated in the future I could add a quest!

- To simplify the navmesh I have removed the collision of some plants / objects, so you will go through them.
- It's a heavy mod. There may be occasional CTDs especially in the central area.
- The area of Deepwood Village doesn't have a full navmesh.
- The section of the walkway that goes uphill has collision problems, when you go up stay on the LEFT to avoid a bad fall.
- The player house is simply called "abandoned house", it's located in front of the main bridge.

A big thank you to all those who have made their resources available, here is the (very long) list:
Vactrol: LostLand Map
Ac3s/Earrindo: Telvanni Tower Resources
Vicn: Creature Pack
baronf: Bosmer City Kit Resource
Arcane51388: Woodelf Refuge Texture
InsanitySorrow: Clutter, Morrowind Style Potions
Elianora: Extra Resources
OrinLinwe: Winter Holiday Resource
Tamira / Stroti: New Plant, Sheogorad Resource
Zadama: Phitt-Sheogorad Upscaled Texture
Oaristys: Modder Resource Pack
mathy79: Mathy's Repository
Earrindo: Telvanni Mushroom Resource
elinen / Hoddminir: Trees Resources 
muppetpuppet: Trees Models-Texture
xDarkOdinx: Spell FX Recolor
ImperialSociety: Ayleid Resources 
nickorasu: Religious Resources
tumbajamba: Creatures Mount
RoboBirdie: New Creatures-Landscape Resources
Mihail: Creature Mod (Bones, Lurcher, Squirrels, Hummingbird)
lesi123: Alchemical Cooking Recipes
zzjay: Butterfly Improved
74w: Weapons of the Third Era
Ellise: Gilded Doublet Outfit
Nightshade: TDN Bosmer Skull Headresses/Horns
gearshout: Royal Elven Armor
Mysterious Akavir Team: Wood Armor Resources
testiger2: TesTiger's Mesh Resources
Lestryagain / OperatorCactus: Truly Light Glass Armor
CaBaL120: aMidianBorn Elven-Glass Textures
DeviantKaled: Ships and boat of Tamriel
and DarkFox127 for excellent tutorials.

External credits:
"Exotic Pink Leafed Plant" ( by Nicola Hynes is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (
"Jungle Tree" ( by kobaltsecond6c7d6150917a4267 is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (
"Mushrooms" ( by scandicactus is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (
"Plants" ( by Aedrian1 is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (

With this mod I will definitively close my experience in modding. All the textures (and the linked meshes) present in the "myingredients" folder come from free resources modified by me. So feel free to use them in your projects, giving credit is always welcome. Good Modding everyone ;)