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NPCs will react if you loot bodies of others in their faction while they can see you. Loot in a city and you will get a bounty. But no one minds if you loot other factions!

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  • Polish
Ever wonder why, after an Imperial - Stormcloak battle, you can freely loot the soldiers' bodies while their living comrades look on? Here is the solution.

  • If a dead NPC is a part of a crime faction (e.g. Whiterun or Imperial) then other members of that crime faction will report when you loot them, and you will get a bounty (currently 50 gold but customizable)
  • A nearby guard from the same faction will accost you to collect the bounty if they see you
  • Up to 5 witnesses in the faction will run up and comment on your theft (but not your followers)
  • If the dead NPC is not part of a crime faction, then a witness might attempt to fight you instead of reporting you
  • Soldiers on both sides of the war also react poorly to looters (if there is no guard watching them)
  • A subtle looting minor power that lets you feign mourning while searching the corpses pocket. More skilled pickpockets and silver tongues are more likely to succeed
  • Adjustable bounties and 1st person / 2nd person messages
  • No mod dependencies
  • No SKSE required

  • Silently adds a perk to the player to trigger a quest whenever anything is activated
  • The quest first looks for a dead NPC matching the activated target
  • Quest aliases fill for witnesses that are part of the dead NPCs faction and not friends/followers with the player, ignoring crime, personal enemies with the NPC, or in combat
  • The aliases receive a new package to run up to the player and express their anger. If they arent part of a crime faction, arent essential, and arent a child/elderly, they may fight the player. Drawing your weapon will intimidate some of these latter witnesses
  • The closest guard will receive a forcegreet package to enforce the bounty (if the NPC is in a crime faction)
  • Only RegisterForSingleUpdate used
  • Quest will end within 11 seconds of being spotted, and all aliases will be cleared
  • Subtle looting power checks player to determine likelihood of success. on failure, calls the detection quest

Customization: open the console using ~, then type everything inside the [ ] and hit enter, then close the console with ~
  • To switch to 2nd person messages: [Set HTD1stPerson to 0]
  • To set the bounty for looting a body to XX gold: [Set HTDBounty to XX]
  • To turn off the minor power: [Set HTDPower to 0] , save game, quit, load that save
  • To restore the minor power: [Set HTDPower to 1], save game, quit, load that save

  • Use a mod manager, or drop straight into the Skyrim "Data" folder
  • The first time you load a savegame after installing, receive the message "People will defend the bodies of their friends and allies."

Uninstallation (open the console using ~)
  • Type everything inside the brackets, but not the brackets [Set HTDUninstall to 1]
  • close the console with ~
  • save the game
  • exit to menu
  • load the game
  • receive the message "Looting corpses is safe once again."

Known Bugs/Quirks
  • looting very close to a guard while they can see you might result in them not forcegreeting you. the bounty will still get applied
  • slightly complicates The Forsworn Conspiracy if you want to search the victim's body¬† in the middle of the market (there are lots of witnesses). use subtle looting or wait for nightfall
  • During the vanilla start you have to loot one body - the ID has been added to a block list but still seems to cause issues for some people

Dragging bodies around - not a crime. Unfortunately the game does not have a native event to detect the action of a player grabbing an object so there is no way to know its happening without firing off a script continuously or adding dependencies

If you want to make things even tougher Suspicious City Guards will make guards follow you if they see you sneaking. Not mine but I use it with my mod

First mod - all critiques welcome