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Blood Magic rises!. New spell pack with 15 new spells and a custom perk tree of a new school of magic the Hemomancer. The perk tree is 100% compatible with anything. Use health to cast the spells instead of your magicka allowing you to build a full health magic caster.

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14 new Spells and 1 lesser power
All spells use your health instead of your magicka to be casted.
You can totally die from casting blood spells.
Unrelated to Vampirism
You can be a blood mage without the need to be a vampire

All blood magic absorbs health from the target.
You will absorb 50% of the cost of the spell on a successful hit.
Dwarven machinery is completely immune to blood spells.
When you cast any blood spell healing spells and potions will be 50% less effective.
You regenerate health slower when casting blood spells.

6 new perks in a new perk tree
To unlock the perks you need to use blood spells.
Each perk increases your efficiency exclusively with blood magic.
100% compatible with any perk overhaul.
You access the perk tree through a spell.

Any questions?

You can obtain the spells from specific vendors.
The vendors are the following:

Jouane Manette the old man in Rorikstead
(now you know how they're growing so fast their crops in Rorikstead xD)
Festus Krex in the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary
Feran Sadri in the Vlokihar Castle

Also it includes a new perk tree available by using a spell called "hemomancy" which you can adquire from vendors.
The perks will let you cast blood magic more frequently reducing its cost,
and increasing the damage, the amount of health you absorb, your efectiveness with gargoyles and more.

Also you will be able to craft in any smelter Gargoyle Statues using iron and corundum ore. When dropped the statues will be placed in front of you. You can make a living of your craft by selling them or you can use a dark and old ritual to resurrect one. It doesn't count as a summon or a follower and it will follow you until it dies, so it's very powerful. As drawback you will loose maximum health until the gargoyle dies.

The spells:

 All belong to the Destruction category and scale with his own perk tree.
Perks from other mods like "Raw Power" from Vokrii will increase your output damage as well but might also increase the damage you deal to yourself so be careful. I've made specific perks that fix the damage you deal to yourself but outsource damage modifications like difficulty mods might increase the damage you deal to yourself.
Combining the spells with some clever gameplay will make you super powerful. But if you miss too often or spam the blood spells too much you will end up dead by your own magic.
For example AoE spells that can affect more than one target as long as you target 2 or more targets will be casted for free even without perks that lower the cost
also if the AoE targets more than two you will of course be able tank lots of damage.
Use the spells wisely and you will be immortal.

Blood Dash

The only power in the spell pack in exchange of 10 points of health transform into a bloody mist and rush forward avoiding all damage.
Works like a dodge, but cooler.

Novice Spells

Drain Health:
This is the only spell in the pack that costs magicka, pretty simple and used to balance your health in case you need it. Absorb 5 points of health per second from the target.

Deal 5 points of blood damage to the target with a 25% chance to deal double damage. Costs 10 points of health.

Apprentice Spells

Blood Dagger:
Create a penetrating dagger made of blood, dealing
12.5 points of blood damage. Costs 25 points of health.

Blood Mark:
Cast on a nearby surface, it explodes for
25 points of blood damage when enemies come near. Costs 50 points of health.

Blood Solid:
Targets that fail to resist are paralyzed for 3s. Costs
25 points of health.

Adept Spells

Blood Drain:
25 points of blood damage in a 10m area. Costs 50 points of health.

Face Sculpt:
Use blood magic to sculpt your face and body. Costs
50 points of health.

Sanguine Ring:
Concentrate to create a blood ring around you that deals
10 points of blood damage to targets into melee range. Costs 20 points of health to maintain.

Blood Boil:
boil the target's blood dealing
50 points of true damage (not absorb). Has a 5% chance to instantly kill the target in a bloody explosion. Costs 50 points of health.

Blood boil is definitely the spell Festus Krex was talking about when boasting with the other assassins of the brotherhood.

Expert Spells

Blood is power:
60s you loose 50 points of maximum health but blood spells are 10% stronger.

Blood Tide:
Deal 50 points of blood damage in a wide area in front of you. Costs 100 points of health.

Revive Gargoyle:
Permanently loose
50 points of health to revive the targeted gargoyle. Costs 100 points of health. Only works with gargoyles you have previously crafted. You regain you health if the gargoyle dies.

Master Spells

Blood Grip:
Pulls a living creature to you from a distance and deal
10 points of blood damage to it. Costs 20 points of health to maintain.

Blood Vortex: Create a blood vortex for 10s which does 10 points of blood damage to all targets inside. Costs 200 points of health.

I got tired of updating patches for every fix i had to make 4-5 new files, thus multiplying errors, which multiplies issues. So I've made my own perk tree.
The vendors now sell a new spell called "Hemomancy" which will allow you to teleport in and out the perk tree room and the new perk tree works exactly like in Feral Dragon Avatar

Now every blood spell will give you blood points each time you hit a foe with them. You can use those points to unlock the perks. You also need to level your destruction skill to be able to unlock some perks in the skill tree.

The perks are the following:

Hemophilia: Cast Blood Magic spells for 25% less health cost
Blood Pressure: 3 perks, Your blood spells absorb 10/25/50% more health from targets.
Sanguine Mortis: Your blood spells have a small chance to inflict a disease on the target.
Blood Spheres: Blood spells have a 25% chance to create a blood sphere on hit for 6 seconds. While active the blood sphere increases your health and your blood damage.
Gargoyle Crafter: Gargoyles you revive are stronger and scale up to level 60. Crafted Gargoyles sell for 25% better prices.
Blood Clotting: Your blood spells absorb 50% more health if you have less than 50% of your maximum health. Your blood spells absorb 100% more health if you have less than 25% of your maximum health.

About compatibility.

Before you ask, yes it's compatible with any vampire mods you have, this is totally unrelated to vampirism ingame.

Seems that some users have issues with blood grip and better telekinesis, check the bug reports. If you have any info that may help me to short the issue I would be grateful.

That apart should be compatible with any mod you want to install, the modifications made over vanilla NPCs is done by scripting and not by editing their records thus even if you have something that changes the NPC vendors appearance like an NPC overhaul you should have both changes. 99% of the times should be fine but you should always check your particular case.

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