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Just a simple replacer for the activation button that BTPS uses to match Nordic UI's.

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This very simple file depends on the original mod and it changes all of the possible interaction buttons to match it to Nordic UI's style.


It finally happened. For once in my life I allowed myself to be patient and when talking to a colleague at work they mentioned a way I might be able to automate the process I needed to make the buttons the right size and all for BTPS and something that would have taken me hours just of preparation it took me 2 minutes!
All of the buttons that BTPS allows for input have been swapped for their Nordic UI counterpart, matching them perfectly. When there was not a button available, for example the "L1+R1" combination or "Backspace" - surprisingly - I made them myself.
Longer buttons might look a bit squished because of the way BTPS handles them, but beside that should there be any error let me know, but I'm confidenteverything is as it should and as BTPS would handle it regardless of this change.
Enjoy it, and thanks for your patience!

Better Third Person Selection - BTPS - Hard requirement, this only substitutes the button.

Everything, to my understanding. It should cause no problem. Just install it with a mod manager, have it overwrite the files
and use Sunhelm's MCM to position it where you want it. :)