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Skyrim Diffusion (SD) Loading Screens is a collection of AI generated loading screen artworks, using the Stability Diffusion model.

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This is a loading screen artwork replacement mod, using images I generated using the amazing Stability Diffusion model, and upscaled with Cupscale. Every image in this mod is fully AI generated, via careful prompt tuning, cherry picking, time, lots of patience, and some quick fixes in photoshop.

There are almost 200 images, and all were generated using an "oil on canvas" type of style, for consistency. Check the gallery images for examples.

Join the xvasynth discord here, to chat about this in the #stability-diffusion channel:

You can download the original png images in 7168x4096 resolution from the optional downloads. Let me know if you use them for anything!

v1.1 - Added 8 new loading screens. Check the gallery to see the new images


The mod builds on top of the tesg loading screen replacements mod, using the same captions (and a few of my own). I sent Novajam a message for permission, and they said "that's fine".

The stability team for their amazing work, and championing open source ❤

A huge thank you to the xVASynth Patreon supporters, without who, I wouldn't have had the hardware needed for this project (or for xVASynth):

D0lphin, Thuggysmurf, Max Loef, flyingvelociraptor, radbeetle, Tara_C, Bungles, Anshela Asre, My Best Friend Is A Squid, TomahawkJackson, eldayualien, Retlaw83, Trixie, neci, CHASE MCKELVY, Leif, Netherworks (Jo-Jo), ionite, Joshua Jones, John Detwiler, Jaktt, David Keith vun Kannon, Danielle, Rachel Wiles, Hellath, sadfer, bourbonicRecluse, Mikkel Jensen, GrumpyBen, Adrilz, dog, finalfrog, Yael van Dok, Hound740, Jack in the Hinter, yic17, Dozen9292, Alexandra Whitton, AgitoRivers, manlethamlet, Tako-kun, Caro Tuts, beccatoria, PConD, RetconReality, cramonty, Hazel Louise Steele, Lulzar, Ryan W, Laura Almeida, Wyntilda, Gorim, crash blue, Krazon, squirecrow, Katsuki, Althecow, SomeOtherWeirdo, David, Hawkbar, John S., Idiotenschnitzel, Michael Gill, Jacob Garbe, NerfViking, SKiLLsSoLoN, Jacob Porter, stormalize, Golem, Luckystroker, Tempuc, CAW CAW, stljeffbb, Zoenna, CDante, Royce, HunterAP, Kadisra, Botty Butler, candied_skull, Mar, Dan Brookes, nairaiwu, Autumn,, Patrick VanDusen, Humocs, Ryan Lippen, praxis22, PTC001, Hector Medima, CinnaMewRoll, Grant Spielbusch, Sean Lyons, Charles Hufnagel, Kirill Akimov, Mister Lyosea, Anthony Crane, Sh1tMagnet