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Joseph Russell and LIeweIIyn

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A mod that overhauls Lucien added by Joseph Russell's Lucien follower mod.

Permissions and credits
If you enjoy this mod, please check out my Kaidan and Serana replacers, too!

◈ A complete overhaul of Lucien added by Joseph Russell's mod.

◈ Choose between six different hairstyles for Lucien; and choose from two different face types.

◈ Custom Lucien body textures that fit SOS Full, SOS Light, or Vanilla bodies. Lucien will use whichever body mod is installed by the player; this is why there are multiple options.

◈ ESL-Flagged! This doesn't add to your .esp limit.

◈ This mod changes Lucien's weight from 0 to 25. If you install this mod mid-playthrough, you will notice a neck gap between Lucien's head and body. To fix this, do the following steps:

1. Open the console by pressing the "~" key, to the left of the "1" key.
2. Click on Lucien.
3. Type the command: setnpcweight 25
4. Hit enter. This will cause his face to "break" but don't panic!
5. Type the command: disable
6. Hit enter.
7. Type the command: enable
8. Hit enter.
9. You're finished! Close the console by pressing the "~" key again and continue playing!

NOTE: If you start a new save with this mod, you do not need to do these steps.

◈ Major credit goes to Joseph Russell for creating Lucien in the first place.

◈ This mod wouldn't be possible without the hard work of these amazing mod authors and their creations!

∎ HG Hairdos 2 (Linking this mod has been known to get modpages taken down. A Google search will do just fine.)
∎ KS Hairdos SSE

Even More Brows - HPH - COTR

∎ DDS Workshop - Facial Hair (Non-Nexus Link)

∎ Lamentia's Marks of Beauty
∎ Koralina's Freckles and Moles


∎ Charmers of the Reach - COTR

∎ DDS Workshop - Eye Mod 2 (Non-Nexus Link)

Tempered Skins for Males

Blond Guy - COTR Male Preset