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Changes the Deathclaw Enemies mod into a more lore friendly addition

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Have you ever wanted Deathclaws in Skyrim, but thought "no way, not lore appropriate, I just can't do that"

Did you know there's a random Java game that takes place in Dawnstar released a long time ago that 7 people played? Did you know there's a type of huge spiky, Deathclaw looking monster that roams the coast around Dawnstar waiting to eat you?

...you didn't?

Nobody did and I didn't either until I was poking around the wiki looking for creatures that were similar enough to Deathclaws to re-contextualize them into Skyrim and the lore and these guys popped up and were perfect! Heck, they even have a unique disease with roughly the same effect as the Radiation Poisoning sickness from the mod!

"I must also warn you that outside these walls is a fearsome creature that has slaughtered any who fight it. It appears when you rest. Do not
fight it, you are not ready. Run."

Early in the third era, a fearsome beast lurked the coasts of Dawnstar, the savage Gehenoth. Once thought extinct, defeated by the Hero of Dawnstar, they have mysteriously started appearing near the frozen coasts of Skyrim where they once called home. Highly aggressive and territorial, the Gehenoth and its many forms will prove a challenge to even the most seasoned adventurer who wanders too close to the Sea of Ghosts... and just hope the Gehenoth Thriceborn is as extinct as the legends say

Changes made to the original mod

Lesser DeathClaw -> Young Gehenoth
DeathClaw -> Gehenoth
DeathClaw Scout -> Gehenoth Hunter
DeathClaw Vanguard -> Gehenoth Vanguard
DeathClaw Centurion - Alpha Gehenoth
DeathClaw Queen -> Emperor Gehenoth
Ancient DeathClaw -> Gehenoth Thriceborn
== Added Armor
Deathclaw Gauntlet (Ring Slot) -> Keenblood Gauntlet
(It can be crafted at a Blacksmith Forge.(Misc category)) -> Same, except must have a Gehenoth Bone in your inventory for the recipe to appear
== Added Food
Deathclaw Egg Omelette -> Gehenoth Egg Omelette
(It can be crafted at a Cooking Spit.)
== Added Ingredient
DeathClaw's Egg -> Gehenoth Egg
== Added Misc Item
DeathClaw Bone -> Gehenoth Bone
== Added Disease
Radiation Disease -> Frost Limbs

Other changes
- Only the blue and purple skins are used, with blue being more common than purple
- Different types of Gehenoths have different sizes, with the Thriceborn being pretty huge
- I changed all their fire attacks to ice attacks and changed the fire resistance to ice resistance
- They're no longer hand placed on Skyrim, they now spawn wherever a predator would spawn in icy areas. Pretty rare, but much more common on the coast, not very common in mountains, and in the middle in icy flat lands. Basically, if a Frost Troll would spawn there, there's a chance for a Gehenoth
- There's still 1 hand placed Gehenoth in Blackreach

I tried balancing the leveling out so they aren't like... super bosses you go "OMG RUNNN" from. They're very much defeatable, just need to be careful of the higher level ones' frost breath, that stings

Thank you so much to m150 for the original mod and for setting the permissions so open!