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Just a simple re-texture for the lava shader used in Dawnguard.
They are mainly used in the Aetherium Forge.

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Surprisingly nobody did it before.
The very low resolution of the lava texture (actually it's a shader effect) used in Dawnguard always bothering me...
So I decided to try to improve it a bit.

The resolution used here is 4k. Vanilla was 512 but it was very likely just an upscaled 256 texture... (So it's 8 time larger now).
Since It's mainly (only ?) used in interior and the texture is compressed, you shouldn't notice any performance drop.

You can see the texture in the Aetherium Forge

2.0 Update:
The new version is available in 4k and in 2k. Use the 2k version only if you have a low end PC (even in 4k, it's still less demanding than any other regular 4k texture).
The new version should look better...
Keep in mind I did it primarily for myself and I didn't spend a lot of time on it, but I though other people can enjoy it.


Just drag and drop in you Skyrim folder or use NMM as usual.
Compatible with everything since I couldn't find any other mod which change this particular texture (reason why I did it).


TheMinecraftianGamer for its work on the original lava texture, kudos to him :)