Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

This mod retextures most armors and weapons from the popular mod "Glenmoril" by Vicn. Most textures are 2k, with some 4k textures when needed. There are 129 items retextured, 56 armor sets or helmet and 73 weapons

Permissions and credits
Glenmoril Armors and Weapons Retexture SE

This mod retextures most armors and weapons from the popular mod "Glenmoril" by Vicn. I mostly tried to stay true to the original designs as much as possible.

Assets retextured



  • 9E Histus Shield
  • Anequina Armor
  • Arcane cage
  • Assassin armor
  • Chief Assassin armor
  • Beast Hunter coat
  • Beast Hunter coat (brown)
  • Black owl's robe
  • Black worm armor
  • Black worm armor (silver)
  • Brethen hunter armor
  • Chaplain Armor
  • Chaplain garb
  • Chick trader
  • Coper Ardeo
  • Gold Ardeo
  • Silver Ardeo
  • Falkreath guard armor
  • Ghost knight armor
  • ghost knight armor (red)
  • Hamah's robe
  • Huntress armor
  • Institute agent gas mask
  • Knight of Radiance armor
  • Scab's Armor
  • Lalanoah's armor
  • Lalanoah's Robes
  • Wooden Shield
  • Marionette Armor
  • Marionette Armor (white)
  • Nord Warrior Armor
  • Pailune Musketeer armor
  • Plague doctor armor
  • Sixth House Round shield
  • Sixth House shield
  • Technologist clothing
  • Theologian Robe
  • Undead Hunter armor
  • Undead hunter shield
  • Void keeper armor
  • Wise woman robe
  • WItch hunter
  • Wraith shield
  • Wraith helm
  • Wraith mask
  • Wraith saller
  • Wraith Steel hat
  • Yelem School Armor
  • Yellow Robe


  • 9E Histus Axe
  • 9E Histus Sword
  • 9E Histus Spear
  • Aetherium Beam Emitter
  • Anequina Scimitar
  • Anti-Jillian Pistol
  • Artur's Greatsword
  • Assassin Blade
  • Assassin Crossbow
  • Assassin Dagger
  • Bayonet
  • Bayonet (rusty)
  • Beast Cutter
  • Beast Hunter Axegun
  • Beast Hunter Hatchet
  • Beast Hunter Pickaxe
  • Beast Hunter Pistol
  • Beast Hunter Pistol (Bronze)
  • Beast Hunter Pistol (Silver)
  • Beast Hunter Sickle
  • Blade of Mercy
  • Blade of the Sleeping House
  • Boom Hammer
  • Burial Blade
  • Burial Scythe
  • Butcher Knife
  • Chaplain Halberd
  • Chief Assassin Blade
  • Chief Assassin Dagger
  • Dark Moonlight Greatsword of Lorkhaj
  • Distorted Sword
  • Door Knocker
  • Elegant Cane
  • Flamesprayer
  • Flute of Queen Ayrenn
  • Frostsprayer
  • Gerhard's Greatsword
  • Golden Runed Sword
  • Great Ignis/Pruina/Tonitrus
  • Greatsword of Admonishment
  • Greatsword of Aushahlaas
  • Greatsword of Hatred
  • Hammer of Admonishment
  • Holy Moonlight Greatsword
  • Hunter Rifle Spear
  • Knight of Radiance Sword
  • Large Whirligig Saw
  • Marionette Estoc/Rapier
  • Moonlight Greatsword of Lorkhaj
  • Musketeer Pistol
  • Musketeer Twin Pistol
  • Pick of Admonishment
  • Reiterpallasch
  • Runed Sword
  • Sixth House Blade
  • Sixth House Shotel
  • Sixth House Spear
  • Sixth House Staff
  • Sixth House Sword
  • Spear of Hircine
  • Sunlight Greatsword of Merid-Nunda
  • Sword of Hatred
  • Twin Hammer
  • Type 66 Dark Moonlight
  • Type 66 Moonlight
  • Witch Hunter Axe
  • Witch Hunter Blunderbuss
  • Witch Hunter Cannon
  • Witch Hunter Gatling Gun
  • Witch Hunter Iron Fist
  • Witch Hunter Piercing Rifle
  • Witch Hunter Pistol
  • Witch Hunter Proto-Pistol
  • Witch Hunter Saw Cleaver
  • Wraith Axe
  • Yelem School Steam Pistol
  • Yelem School Steam Pistol (Scoped)
  • Yelem's Knife


Simply download using your favourite mod manager and follow the fomod instructions.


This mod contains some mesh files. They are mostly used to change some shader settings. If you overwrite them, some armor sets will not look exactly as intended, but will still work. The only armor that would require a patch is the Anequina set, as the new meshes change its texture paths.


Thank you for giving this mod a chance! If you haven't tried Glenmoril yet, I highly recommend it! Special thanks to Vicn for creating this amazing mod and to Aelarr for the amazing English translation!  A huge shoutout to everyone from the Owl's Archive discord, I couldn't have done this without your support!

If you liked my mod, please remember to Endorse and also Endorse Glenmoril SE if you haven't already!

What's next?

  • Vigilant is about to be updated to version 1.7, which will change most of the armors included in the mod. Once the update is out, I will start working on a new retexture for it.
  • Immersive armor retexture (maybe)
  • Moon and Star Armor retexture (maybe)

Thank you!