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Adds every item and perk you could want on command.

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Skyrim LE (2011) | Skyrim SE (2016)

Never done an honest day's work in your life for all that coin you're carrying, eh lass?

How to Use It

Open the console with the ~ key, then follow the instructions depending on which mod manager you used to install this mod. The below example shows how you would grant yourself all of the perks in game.

What It Does

This is a list of the names of all the files this mod installs, and what they do:

  • help: Lists all of the other batch file names for reference, and includes helpful tips at the bottom. Use Page Up and Page Down to scroll in the console.

  • books: Adds every non-skill or spell book from the base game and all official DLCs to your inventory. If you have Falskaar installed, this will also give you books from Falskaar.

  • skillbooks: Adds every skill book to your inventory.

  • spells: Adds every spell book from the game to your inventory. Note that this includes unique and faction-specific spells. If it has a book, it will be added. If it can't be learned through a book, you won't learn it. If you have Falskaar and/or Cutting Room Floor installed, this will include spellbooks from those mods.

  • ingredients: Adds one of every alchemy ingredient to your inventory from the base game and all official DLCs. Jarrin root will not be added so you don't accidentally kill yourself.

  • enchanting: Adds the lightest version of every disenchantable item from the base game and all official DLCs to your inventory. Note that this does not include items which should not be disenchantable in the first place, and the Unofficial Patches have prevented from being disenchanted.

  • follower: Attempts to make the selected NPC friendly, available as a follower and marriageable. This doesn't always work, but does in a majority of cases. To use this you must first open the console with the ~ key and click on the NPC you want to make friendly.

  • building: Adds exactly enough items to build all three Hearthfire homes, assuming you don't  repeat the same wing twice. If you build a kitchen wing in two homes, for example, you're out of luck. This also includes the materials to build coffins in the basement if you're a vampire. This does not assume you take any materials from the "starter chests" near the homestead workbenches outdoors.

  • loop: Gives the player enough items to complete the alchemy/enchanting loop. The player first creates a potion of fortify enchanting, then drinks the potion and enchants four items with fortify alchemy. The player equips these enchanted items and makes another potion of fortify enchanting. The player drinks this stronger potion, and makes the best fortify alchemy and fortify smithing armor possible. The player then equips this armor and creates a potion of fortify smithing, and drinks it before using a grindstone or workbench to improve weapons or armor.

  • perks: Grants every perk for every skill. If you have Ordinator installed, this will grant most of the Ordinator perks. Some Ordinator perks are saved under a separate file called perks_2, described in more detail below.

  • perks_2: This file is installed only if you are using Ordinator. This contains perks with time-sensitive requirements or that force you to make irreversible decisions.

  • trinkets: Adds all of the dragon claws, paragons and dragon priest masks to your inventory.

  • vampire: Adds all Vampire Lord perks. Use this while transformed into vampire lord form.

  • werewolf: Adds all Werewolf perks. Use this while transformed into werewolf form.

Mod Compatibility

NOTE: After installing any of these files, you must go to your Skyrim/Data folder, right-click and edit the file, and then replace all of the __ with that mod's load order. The filename of each mod's compatibility patch is listed next to it below. Every compatibility patch is is run when you activate one of the files listed in the "What it Does" section above.

  • Ordinator (perks / perks_2): If you have Ordinator installed before you install this mod, the perks file will select the version compatible with Ordinator. Some perks with time-sensitive or irreversible decisions are separated in a separate file that you will need to manually activate later called perks_2.

  • Cutting Room Floor (spells_CRF): This will add a few spellbooks restored by Cutting Room Floor; automatically added when you run the spellbooks file.

  • Falskaar (books_FS / spells_FS): This will add books and spellbooks introduced in Falskaar when you run the books and spellbooks files, respectively.

  • Summermyst (enchanting_SM): This adds one copy of each type of disenchantable item to your inventory so that you can learn all the enchantments.

  • Apocalypse (spells_AP / spells_AP_2): This will add all spellbooks added Apocalypse when you run the spellbooks file.


You must have the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch (USSEP) installed for this mod to work correctly.

Installation Instructions

For Nexus Mod Manager and Mod Organizer, simply install the mod as usual and you will be guided through installation. For Wrye Bash, be sure to use the wizard.

Bugs and Feature Requests

If you have found a bug in the installer or mod, please report it under the bugs tab. If you would like to request a feature, please do so under the comments tab.