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A group of necromancers have been investigating an ancient Dwemer compound hidden in the Jerall Mountains. What seems like a normal group of enemies to defeat turns into a long journey through the depths of Nirn.

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The creation of the Dwemer Animonculi is a big mystery, but some strange ruins could corroborate some hypotheses. Hidden for millennia lies in the Jerall Mountains a Dwemer complex known as Yldzuunngalft "The Grace of our Mechanized Paradise", whose riddles must be solved by the Dragonborn.

To start the adventure you must travel to the surroundings of the Glenmoril coven, where you'll find an access to the heart of the Jerall Mountains. 

What you expect? 

  • 7 large dungeons and other small cells to explore, connected in a new world space.

  • Unique clutter, items, puzzles, rewards, and enemies.

  • Fast travel has been disabled within the areas added in this mod and replaced with a series of portals that interconnect the different cells, similar to the Lost Valley.


  • Some mods that improve textures related to dwemer and also icebergs, because this mod uses those textures for new objects.


  • None I know, I have a fairly modded game.

  • If you find an error, please let me know.


The problematic mirror scripts have been updated, so you will be fine with your original papyrus settings, other than this scripts and events can be consider mostly vanilla.