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Morri is a Peryite themed follower with unique dialogue, apparel, items, spells, and potions! The potions she crafts are powerful, but risk being contaminated by disease. Join her in discovering a lost artifact of Peryite's in her short introductory quest to unlock new spells and enchantments.

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Morri is a Peryite themed follower with custom dialogue, unique apparel, items, spells, and potions! The potions she crafts are powerful, but risk being contaminated by disease! Join her in discovering a lost artifact of Peryite's in her short introductory quest to unlock new spells and enchantments.


1. Skyrim and all DLCs
2. Fuz Ro Doh
3. EFF or any other follower overhaul (Optional)


1. Unzip and drop into the Skyrim data folder or install the .zip into your preferred mod manager
2. Enjoy in game!

    Should be compatible with everything.

The Plague Tome

You can find Morri just down the road from the Shrine to Peryite. There she is surrounded by the corpses of a few hunters and scattered dwemer parts. Choose to help her on a short, introductory quest that takes you through a dark, dwemer ruin to find a lost artifact of Peryite's.

The quest is entirely optional. Morri will follow you either way. It does unlock additional dialogue and content once completed. Morri will be able to teach the player new spells themed around plague and disease by the end.

Morri's Potions

Morri can craft the potions for the player using the cauldron dangling from her unique staff. While it makes powerful potions for few ingredients, they comes with the risk of being infected with disease (these come in the form of temporary negative effects, not actual in-game diseases).

You can ask Morri if she has any potions to spare and request a kind of your choice: health, stamina, magicka, or a poison. Morri will create it for you if:
  • She has at least one of the necessary ingredients in her inventory, which will be consumed. If she does not, she'll tell you what she needs.
  • You don't already have that kind of potion in your inventory.
  • Morri has her staff in her inventory.

Potions come in 3 versions: Clean, Toxic, and Volatile. Though it won't be clear to you which you have until you take it. They all have the same beneficial effect, but have different negative effects.

Clean (40% chance to receive): Perfectly safe. Does exactly what it says.
Toxic (40% chance to receive): Has minor negative effects.
Volatile (20% chance to receive): Has major negative effects (never lethal, but can be dangerous in combat)

This system is mostly a way to make playing feel more random, don't take it too seriously. The Volatile Stamina potion can be particularly frustrating in a tight spot. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Morri's Dialogue

Morri has custom dialogue that plays silently. You need Fuz Ro Doh in order for it to work! There are also AI generated voice files provided by DexModsOfficial in the downloads.

Morri has unique dialogue for almost every daedric quest in the game. As a daedra worshiper herself, she's happy to offer her opinions and insight into the quests and comment on the artifacts. Just ask her if you can ask her something and options will be available depending on what conditions you meet. Check with her while doing daedric quests specifically, but she also can be asked about the Orb in Saarthal, Delphine after finding the horn, and Cicero, plus a few others.

When you complete her own questline, she will also talk to you about her own backstory and reasons for following Peryite.

Voice Preview:

Q: What's Morri's hair?
A: It is unique to her hood. Her hair will change when you take it off, to the similar style in Apachii hairs. If you want to give her a new outfit and keep her normal style, she has "Morri's Hood Only" in her inventory.

Q: The Plague Tome quest says "Speak to Morri" but she has no dialogue?
A: It's possible her initial dialogue gets interrupted. Reload and talk to her again.

Q: These potions are so unbalanced!
A: If it really bothers you, take away Morri's staff or don't ask her about it.

Q: Morri has the plague tome, now what?
A: Ask her if she's made progress. Every 3-5 days she will and will tell you what she found. This happens 3 times. The 3rd time requires you to have discovered you are the dragonborn, so kill the dragon at the western watchtower.

Q: Are Morri's accessories available to the player?
A: You can use her staff if you take it from her. Her outfit isn't able to scale though and wasn't created for the player in mind.

Q: Where can I find Morri?
A: From the Shrine to Peryite, follow the path down and keep left. You'll run into her right away.

Q: The dwemer ruin is too dark to see.
A: There are torches at the entrance.

Q: Morri still has the default voice in some lines?
A: Currently, her custom voice doesn't cover the standard follower dialogue. Sorry about that.

Credits and Thanks:
    Bethesda for Skyrim
    Alter Native - for testing and feedback
    Jayomm - for testing and feedback
    SG Textures for the texture base
    Apachii hairs for Morri's uncovered hairstyle
    Eyes of Aber for Morri's eyes
    Substance Painter
    Everyone who read my stories. I have learned so much since I first started in October 2016, I couldn't have made it without you guys.

    Do NOT upload this anywhere without permission.
    NONE of this mod's assets can be used in paid mods.
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