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An xEdit script to create a recipe book for the selected recipes. The recipe book then needs to be held in inventory in-game to see the recipes.

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Creating recipe books was arduous before. This scripts makes their creation trivial.
A recipe book works so that one needs to have it in inventory to see the recipes.
Recipe books are useful for avoiding recipe clutter.

How to use the script
Step 0 (optional): Copy COBJ records as overrides into a new plugin to keep the old plugin intact.
Step 1: Highlight all COBJ records you want to turn into a recipe book. Tempering recipes are skipped, so feel free to highlight all recipes or even the whole plugin (still, don't select multiple plugins at once).
Step 2: Apply script.
Step 3: Name the recipe book.
Step 4 (optional): Create recipe for the recipe book.

Now you should have a working recipe book. All that is left is to somehow add the book into game. Maybe create a container where you place all your newly created recipe books or add the books to smithing vendors (same thing ^_^). Or you can even make a recipe for the book :)
Now the script even makes a recipe of the book for you. By default, the recipe will be 1 ruined book and 1 leather strip.

Also take a look at my alternative smarter script for editing recipes

Add conditions to recipes xEdit script