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An xEdit script making the creation of outfits from armors trivial.

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Creating outfits from armors is arduous to do by hand.
That's why I created this script to make the process trivial.
This script is recommended to be used together with Spell Perk Item Distributor xEdit Scripts.

Hopefully we'll get outfits distributed with SPID from now on instead of crafting recipes.

How to use

TLDR: Select armors to make into an outfit and then apply script.

Long version:

  1. Select all the Armors (ARMO or LVLI records, not ARMA records) that you want to combine into an outfit.
  2. Right click one of the armors and select "Apply Script..."
  3. Select the script "Make outfit from selected armor" and hit OK.
  4. Select a plugin to add the Outfit to and hit OK.
  5. Give a name to the plugin if it is new and hit OK.
  6. Give an editor id (name) to the new outfit and hit OK. With SPID, you distribute the outfit by using either the form id or the editor id of the outfit. Editor id just makes the _DISTR file more readable, so you should name the outfits well.
  7. Click yes to add required masters if you add outfits to a new file.

Next you should follow the instruction on the SPID xEdit Scripts page to make the outfits distribute.
I also recommend using SPID Random Distribution Helper for distribution.


Drop the .pas script into the folder ..\SSEEdit\Edit Scripts\