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Merges lists and items from Legacy of Dragonborn with Meat and Wine, cleans up errant edits in M&W

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Meat and Wine is a mod for people who want ALL THE THINGS. If you also use Legacy of Dragonborn then you might be missing out on some of those things. Or you might be missing out on some of the great LegacyDB content, like fate cards! Let me help you fill that backpack as full as you can with items from both mods. My apologies to your chiropractor.

This patch has been cleaned in xedit and marked as light.
Use as-is, or as prep for your smash patch.

Here's what the patch actually touches:

- Uses LDB nifs
- Uses LDB object bounds
- Uses M&W effects
- Add survival effects (only to records touched for the patch, which may not be everything in M&W)

- Uses LDB settings for things like Acoustic space, Music type, and Weather (M&W was just forwarding vanilla values)

- Merges LDB and M&W lists

Leveled Items
- Merges LDB and M&W lists
- Uses M&W counts (Hagraven 30 feathers, slaughterfish 4 scales)

Misc Items
- Use LDB object bounds
- Use M&W names (DeerHide = Elk Stag Pelt, DeerPelt = Elk Hind Pelt)

- Use LDB values in most cases, including navs. A few placed items and navs use M&W so you can still get all that valuable liquor to sell. Or to drink, I don't judge.
- Carries over a few changes from DLC that could get overwritten by M&W (mostly water flow)