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Fixes a severe memory leak issue in RaceMenu 0.4.16 (SE 1.5.97)

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Fixes a severe memory leak issue in RaceMenu 0.4.16 (SE 1.5.97) skee64 binary that prevents memory allocated for armors and inventory objects from being freed. This can lead to poor performance and finally cause a crash due to the system running out of memory. The issue is present in RaceMenu versions from 0.4.10 to, possibly older ones too.

This does not contain code or any other assets from expired6978's RaceMenu and will not do anything by itself. It works by injecting additional code that handles cleanup into skee64.dll at runtime.

The patch only works on SE (runtime 1.5.97) and RM 0.4.16 using pattern matching to validate the skee64 binary. It won't do anything for any other version.

Make sure to update if you're still using a RM version older than 0.4.16, those have atleast one other severe bug that doesn't always sort extra data on meshes properly (frequently happens when using the memory manager from EngineFixes), causing body morphs and transforms to randomly fail along with other potential issues.

If you're running on the current game version (AE 1.6.353), grab the latest version from the RaceMenu nexus page, it contains this fix. It's also publicly available on expired's patreon.

It's unlikely that the author will provide a SE build with this fixed (please don't harass them about it). Due to the severity of the issue, the popularity of RaceMenu and the fact that many users are still on SE, this hotfix may be of some general use.


  • Requires RaceMenu 0.4.16 for game version 1.5.97, it can be found in the old files section.
  • Install normally with a mod manager or manually copy into <skyrim root>\Data

No configuration required.

A log is generated at '<documents>\My Games\Skyrim Special Edition\SKSE\skee64-memleak-patch.log' each time you run the game informing you if patching was successful.

Source is available here